20 Signs a Girl Doesn’t Like You : She’s Not Interested

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signs she's not interested

If you’re wondering if the girl you like feels the same way about you as you do about her, there are many signs that she’s not interested and has no feelings for you.

It’s not enough to just ask her, because even if she says no, she may not be telling the truth, or she might not know how to tell you the truth without hurting your feelings.

If you see any of these signs below, be sure that she’s not interested and does not like you.

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What signs does a girl give when she’s not interested in a guy?

signs she's not interested

If you’re dating a girl, you might be wondering if she’s interested in you. If you suspect she has no feelings for you, that is a valid question to ask.

Here’s a great way to find out if she’s interested in you or not. The signs that a girl gives when she isn’t interested are crucial to understanding her feelings toward you.

Even if she doesn’t express her emotions, the signs will help you understand her better. Women dislike discussing their feelings with the men they are dating. It makes them feel exposed and vulnerable. However, the signs that women give can reveal exactly what they’re thinking.

Top signs she’s not interested (she doesn’t have feelings for you)

16 signs she doesn’t like you | she isn’t interested :

1) She isn’t giving you much attention:

she's not interested

It might seem like a strange sign that she’s not interested, but if you think about it, her lack of attention to you is actually pretty telling.

If she’s always texting or checking her phone while you’re together, whether she knows it or not, that’s one thing.

Instead of reacting to what you say or being excited about doing things with you, she might zone out or look bored.

2) She’s not interested if she isn’t spending time with you :

top signs she's not interested

If you’re dating someone, it’s natural to want to be around them all the time. But if she isn’t spending time with you, that could be a sign she doesn’t have any feelings for you.

If she says she has something else to do or is busy on a regular basis when you invite her out, then that might mean she is only in it for what she can get from you. Time spent together counts; if there isn’t any going on, it’s not likely that your relationship will last long.

3) If you never hear from her, she’s not interested:

This is one of the biggest signs she’s not interested. If you call her, and she never calls you back, that’s a huge sign she’s not interested.

If she doesn’t have time for your text messages or even your phone calls, chances are that whatever feelings she had for you are gone already, it’s among the top signs she’s not interested, so move on.

Don’t try to force her hand by calling her more often because if she does call back it won’t be because of anything but guilt.

Being persistent could lead to a push-and-pull game in which neither party wins. Just move on because there is plenty of other fish in the sea!

4) Her body language is closed off when around you :

In fact, according to an Australian study, 55 percent of women said they knew if a man was interested within three minutes. A closed body position is one of the top signs she’s not interested. When we’re attracted to someone, we subconsciously open our body posture as a sign of interest.

If she crosses her arms or puts something in between you, like a purse or jacket, she’s not giving off good vibes. Even if it’s unintentional (maybe she’s cold!), it shows that she’s protecting herself from potential pain by keeping a distance between you.

5) She doesn’t want you to see her friends:

Sometimes, women give subtle hints to let you know they’re not interested. One of those signs is when she doesn’t want you to spend time with her friends,

6) When you do get her alone, she isn’t very enthusiastic:

There are a few signs that she isn’t interested in you, such as a lack of enthusiasm. If she has no interest in getting to know you, then it’s safe to say she’s not interested.

Pay attention to how much she engages with you when you’re together.

Even if there’s chemistry between you two, if her body language doesn’t indicate an emotional connection, it will be hard for things to progress further.

If during your first date or get-togethers with her alone, she seems too aloof or emotionally detached from what you’re talking about, then that’s a clear sign that things won’t work out between you two romantically.

7) When you do get her alone, she has an excuse to leave quickly :

After a date, a woman may make excuses to leave quickly; she says she’s tired or has something early in the morning.

Women are generally more polite than men, so they may not want to say outright that they’re not interested; instead, she might try coming up with a reason for why you should go home without her. This is one of those top signs she’s not interested.

8) She doesn’t want to commit :

She doesn’t want to commit: Another sign she’s not interested is when she doesn’t want to commit.

It’s normal for someone to have some doubts about committing, but if she seems adamant about not wanting to get serious, it can be a warning sign that there might be more problems down the road.

9) She won’t let you meet her friends:

Another way to tell if she’s not interested is when she doesn’t want you to meet her friends. Even if she doesn’t have a good relationship with her friends, there’s usually some level of friendship that still exists between them.

When she refuses to let you meet them, it could be because they don’t approve of you and are trying to warn her against getting serious with you. It could also mean that they would disapprove of any romantic relationship between the two of you.

10) Constantly cancels dates:

Often, a woman will back out of plans she’s made with you because she’s lost interest. If she’s constantly canceling dates or making excuses to get out of going out with you, that may be a sign that she doesn’t want to see you again.

People who are interested in each other tend to enjoy spending time together without feeling like they have to worry about it being cut short. There are always exceptions as things that come up at work, family issues, etc., but if she does it more than once or twice a month — over several months — it’s likely not worth your time.

More Signs she’s not interested: She doesn’t like you

 she's not interested

11) Keeps her distance from you:

She’ll want to be near you if she’s interested in you. If she isn’t trying to get close to you, that’s one of the top signs she’s not interested.

In fact, it could indicate that she is being pulled away from you by other factors in her life, whether good or bad. So you’re not her top priority.

Remember, attraction is a two-way street: If she doesn’t feel drawn to you (or at least intrigued), then there’s no reason for her to get closer.

Instead, look for signs that she wants to keep some distance between you both—and use those as your sign that things aren’t going well.

12)” she says things like You don’t need to ask me out anymore… we should just be friends. I know this isn’t going anywhere “:

This is a sign she’s not interested in you at all. If you said something like that to someone, they’d be so turned off that you wouldn’t be able to salvage a friendship out of it.

If she says that stuff to you, don’t try to pursue her further. It will just make things awkward between the two of you.

” She doesn’t want anything more than friendship”, that’s a huge red flag, and back away slowly until she leaves your life completely of her own accord.

It may sting, but better now than later when it stings worse!

13) Suddenly stops replying to your texts or calls for no reason :

What do you think about a girl who suddenly stops replying to your texts or calls for no reason? If a girl did that to me, I would totally get out of there.

It’s scary when you are being ignored by someone without any explanation. What if they just want to be friends? What if they’re dating another guy? Etc.

This can happen because she doesn’t feel anything for you, but still doesn’t want to tell you what her feelings are.

14) If she doesn’t like you, she keeps her communication brief:

If a woman is interested in you, she will make an effort to keep communication with you going.

However, if she doesn’t seem to be interested in maintaining contact after a date or even after several dates, then it could mean that she has no interest in seeing you any further.

She may not respond when you call her or text her, which can be viewed as a sign that she does not want to pursue anything further.

15) Pretending to be busy all the time :

If she tells you she is too busy for a relationship but can make time for a special occasion date to have sex, that is a sign she is not interested. She is only concerned with sex.

If a woman is truly passionate about something, she will make time for it. If you want to know if she has any feelings for you or not, then pay attention to her behavior.

The way a woman behaves around you is more important than what she says. Women are experts at saying one thing but meaning another. So pay attention to how she acts towards you when you are together. Does she look at her phone all night? Does she avoid eye contact? Is there no genuine interest in your life and your interests? If so, then that’s a sign that there is no interest on her part.

16) Hanging out with her friends more than ever before:

Is she spending more time with her friends than you have? If yes, this could be one of the top signs she’s not interested in.

It’s also possible that you’re not his priority, and her schedule doesn’t include any plans with you, so there’s a good chance she’s not interested.

Her actions will reveal whether she is interested or disinterested in dating you. So pay attention to what is most important to a woman and learn how women express their interest in men.

signs she’s not interested after first date

If you’ve just gone on a first date with someone and want to see her again, it can be nervous to wonder if she feels the same way.

There are many ways to tell if she’s interested, but there are also some not-so-subtle signs that she isn’t, such as ignoring your texts or canceling your next date.
So how do you know if the first date was just a polite way of disappointing you?

7 signs she’s not interested after first date

Here are some signs ( signs she’s not interested after first date) :

1) Getting annoyed by questions about your interests :

Getting annoyed by questions about your interests is the first sign (signs she’s not interested after first date) that you’re with someone who isn’t right for you.

If you can’t stand talking about yourself, it may be a sign that your partner just doesn’t care enough to get to know you better.

2) Feeling weird about spending time together:

She didn’t express her feelings for you, and her actions indicate that she isn’t interested in a relationship.
So, before you invest too much time and energy in someone who isn’t interested, it’s time to move on.

It may be better to move on rather than wasting time and energy on someone who isn’t interested in you (and wondering what you did wrong).

3) Avoiding communication with you:

One of my favorite books is a book called He’s Just Not That Into You by Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo. Basically, as a man I can tell you that if she avoids communication with you it’s because she is not interested.

If she doesn’t answer your text messages or phone calls then it’s time to move on.

4) Saying we should do this again rather than asking you out again:

Some women might say, let’s do it again soon. They aren’t necessarily interested in another date with you, but they don’t want to hurt your feelings.

If you hear that from a woman after a first date, consider it one of the signs she’s not interested after first date.

5) Leaving without saying goodbye:

It may seem like a small thing, but it can show a disregard for your time. If she’s too busy to even say goodbye after you’ve gone out together, you can bet she’ll be that way when it matters most.

If someone isn’t respecting your time and doesn’t see an interest in making things work with you, don’t waste any more of your own.

6) The let’s be friends text after date number two :

If she wants to remain friends after two dates, that might be a good thing, but proceed with caution.

It could mean you’re just not her type, and she wants to help you save face by being friends rather than hurt your feelings by saying no.

It also could mean she’s in a weird place in her life and just wants companionship until something better comes along. The only way to know for sure is if you ask.

7) Too much flirting with other people at bars:

If a woman is interested in you, she will want to spend as much time as possible with you—at least on the first and second dates.

If she flirts with other guys or even makes out with someone else at a bar, it could be a sign that she isn’t interested in being exclusive with you. Consider it also as one of the signs she’s not interested after first date.

10) Never returning your texts or calls:

If a woman takes days or weeks to respond to your texts, she’s not really interested.

If you don’t hear from her for more than 48 hours after your first date, there is a good chance that she isn’t into you.

A woman will only string you along if she thinks there is a small chance of getting something out of it.

If her intention was never to be in an actual relationship with you, then why would she waste any time responding?

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