25 Signs He’s Not Interested After First Date & What to Do

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How Do You Tell if He’s Not Interested After the First Date?

Signs he’s not interested after first date

Is he interested after first date? You go on a first date, and everything seems to go pretty smoothly. But he doesn’t text you or try to set up another date after that. Signs he’s not interested after first date will reveal whether he’s interested or not.

How Do You Tell if He’s Not Interested After the First Date?

There are a few subtle signs he’s not interested after first date, if he hasn’t made any sort of concrete plans with you, it’s a bad sign. It could mean that he’s not interested in taking things further. Or, it could be a sign that he’s not ready for a serious relationship. Either way, it’s not a good sign.


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Here are some other signs that can help you decipher his actions and make sure you don’t jump into something you’ll regret later on down the road.

25 signs he’s not into you after first date

1. He acted distant or cold:

Is he interested after first date? A man who doesn’t like you might act distant or cold because he doesn’t want to hurt your feelings. It could also be a sign that he’s just not into you. That’s one of the signs he’s not interested after first date.

2. He avoided eye contact:

Is he interested after first date? A man who isn’t attracted to you won’t look you in the eye. This can be an indicator that he’s not interested in getting to know you or that he has no respect for you.

3. He didn’t pay attention to your appearance:

A man who is interested in you will notice your clothes, hair, makeup, and jewelry. If he doesn‘t comment on them, it could be a warning sign that he doesn‘t really care about you.

4. He wasn’t paying attention to what you were saying:

A man who likes you will listen carefully to everything you say. If he wasn’t listening to you, it could be a sign that you weren’t interesting enough for him. It’s among the common signs that he’s not interested after a first date.

5. He kept interrupting you:

A man who likes you will respect your opinions and ideas. If he interrupts you too often, it could be a signal that he doesn’t value what you have to say.

6. He didn’t ask any questions:

Is he interested after the first date? Men who like you will ask lots of questions about you and your life. They’ll want to learn more about you and what you believe in. They’ll want to know how you think, what makes you happy, and what you believe in.

If he doesn’t ask any questions, it could be a big red flag. So don’t feel bad if he’s not asking you any questions. He probably didn’t like you.

7. He didn’t seem interested in talking about himself:

A man who wants to get to know you better will talk about himself and tell you about his interests and hobbies. If he doesn’t share any information about himself, it could be a huge turnoff.

So don’t expect him to open up to you right away. He may need time to warm up to you.

8. His body language was closed off:

A man who wants to get closer to you will show interest in you through his eyes, his gestures, and his words. If he keeps looking elsewhere while you’re talking, it could be a clue that he doesn’t care about what you have to say or that he thinks you’re boring.

If he looked bored during your conversation, it could be a good reason why he didn’t like you.

9. He didn’t compliment you:

A man who likes you will make sure to tell you how beautiful you look. But if he doesn’t do this, it could be a major turnoff.

10. He made you feel self-conscious:

A man who cares about you will never make you feel self-conscious. If he criticizes your outfit or asks you to change something, it could be a clear indication that he doesn’t care about you or doesn’t like you at all.

Other Signs He Is Not Interested After First Date

11. He seemed annoyed when you talked about yourself:

A man who loves you will always encourage you to speak about yourself. If he gets irritated with you when you start telling him about your past relationships, family members, or favorite activities, it could be a bad omen.

12. He looked angry:

A man who doesn’t like you can look angry. If he acts angry towards you, it could mean he doesn’t like you.

13. He didn’t initiate the touching:

He didn’t initiate the touching because he didn’t feel comfortable with you. When a guy likes you for the first time, he will initiate the touching, perhaps by holding your hand while you walk; perhaps he was shy or was not interested in you.

14. Going Too Fast:

When a guy likes you, he’ll make a concerted effort to spend time with you and will do his best to see that as much of it as possible is quality time.

If he doesn’t take things slow, or even if he just takes things really fast, then he isn’t interested in getting to know you. Slow down! Sure, it might be exciting when things move quickly, but not every guy you like will feel the same way about you.

If your date won’t even agree to go out again with you after your first date together, let him go (for now). There are plenty of fish in the sea (or rather, dudes who are dying for another chance at impressing a girl they like). Some guys aren’t worth fighting for; others will come around once they’ve calmed down.

He doesn’t want to spend too much time with you because he didn’t like you on the first date.

More subtle signs he’s not into you

15. He was very nervous:

It could be a sign that he doesn’t feel an attraction to you, or He’s Not Interested After the First Date. A nervous first date is a common sign.

Men get nervous around women they’re interested in, so if he seems uncomfortable, it could mean that he isn’t feeling very attracted to you.

He might even try to mask his discomfort by avoiding eye contact.

This doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t go out again — but it does mean you might have to work harder at developing some physical chemistry before going on another date.

16. Avoiding Eye Contact:

It’s common for people to be nervous on a first date, but it can be a sign that he wasn’t totally interested in you if he seemed to avoid eye contact.

If that happens, consider asking him what his deal is—that way, at least you’ll know where you stand and have an opportunity to decide whether or not you want to see him again. And what if he really did just dislike your personality? No harm done. At least now you know! Better safe than sorry.

17. You didn’t laugh with him:

Laughter is essential for a successful first date, but don’t expect him to call you again if you didn’t laugh once with him.

Showing genuine laughter means being able to let your guard down—something that takes time and trust. Unfortunately for you, he may not see a reason to build trust or spend more time getting to know you. If he didn’t laugh with you during your first date, it probably means that he doesn’t think it would be worth his time—or yours.

If he doesn’t laugh with you, instead of getting upset about it, use it as an opportunity to practice better conversation skills and build trust. During dinner or drinks, try opening up a little bit more than usual so that you can work towards building a connection through laughter and enjoying each other’s company.

18. He didn’t make any suggestions for the second date:

When a guy likes you, he’s always thinking about the next steps. If he didn’t make any suggestions for how to hang out again, it might be a sign that he was just going through the motions when you were together.

When he doesn’t care enough to tell you what he wants to do or where he’d like to go, it might mean that dating isn’t his top priority. It also could have been an indication that whatever sparks flew between you two weren’t strong enough for him to invest time in planning your next date.

18. Disrespectful Behavior:

When someone is interested in you, they’ll typically try to impress you with their character and personality. They’ll put a lot of effort into their appearance and give you a fair amount of attention without making it seem like they’re trying too hard.

But there are ways to know if someone didn’t really like you from the start. Oftentimes, people will act disrespectfully as a way to conceal their true feelings about your date.

For example, if your date doesn’t stand up when you enter a room or turn away to check his text messages during the conversation, he’s probably not that into you. The best way to know for sure is by monitoring other subtle signs of disinterest throughout your first meeting.

20. Discusses His Ex:

He talked a lot about his exes. This is a big turn-off for most people. It’s not that guys hate being compared to someone else; they just prefer to talk about themselves rather than compare themselves to someone else.

If your date brings up another woman or starts telling you a story about one of his exes, pay attention—it could be a red flag.

Does he always want to hear stories about your ex? It’s important to take what your date says with a grain of salt and remember not to judge others by yourself. After all, everyone has different relationships with their families and partners in general.

And anyway, if you really like him but he keeps bringing up how much he misses his ex or something along those lines, ask him if there’s still hope for them.

22. Quickly runs out of things to say:

If he runs out of things to say and doesn’t take initiative, it’s usually because he’s not really interested. When you want to learn about a woman, you ask questions; when you don’t, you fall back on one-word answers and ramble about yourself.

The difference between an uninterested guy and an attentive one can be summed up by what we call the rule of three: if he says more than three sentences at a time, it means he likes you.

The opposite is true as well: if your date can only speak in short bursts or if his answers are curt, then that’s a sign that there’s no chemistry between you two.

23. He acted like he couldn’t wait to leave:

He acted like he couldn’t wait to leave. This could mean that he wasn’t very interested in talking with you or getting to know you better.

Be cautious—it may have been nice at first, but as time went on, it probably became boring for him. The best advice is to get up and leave too if he shows signs of not liking you.

It won’t be hard because it was always going to be boring regardless of whether you stayed or left.

Go home and go to bed early because tomorrow will be a new day with a new man who will show interest by having fun instead of acting rushed when it was supposed to be your first date together! Good luck!

24. Speaking of other women:

When you were together, he was bragging about the beauty of other women, the number of women he had dated, and so on. That’s one of the signs he’s not interested after first date, So that’s meaningful enough already! When women like to feel safe with their men, when they think that another woman could take him away from them, it makes them very uncomfortable.

If a guy spends more time telling you about his sexual conquests than showing interest in you or sharing personal details about himself, consider these signs that he didn’t like you on your first date.

Yes, he didn’t pay much attention to your need to understand his feelings for anyone else but yourself.

25. He previously stated that he hates women:

This is a classic way to tell you that he doesn’t like you. If he tells you that he hates women, you should immediately stop seeing each other. You shouldn’t waste your time trying to change his mind. Instead, you should just move on to someone who appreciates you.

A lot of guys hate women because they’re insecure and afraid of being rejected. They also hate women because they’ve experienced rejection themselves. But if you’re dating someone who thinks this way, it’s better to cut off ties before you both end up hating each other.

A good relationship requires mutual respect, trust, and understanding. A man who doesn’t respect you isn’t worth your time. Do not allow this to happen to you.

What to do :

There are plenty of other fish in the sea, so don’t waste your time on a guy who’s not interested. Move on and find someone who will appreciate you for who you are.

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