Dating My Daughter: 12 Rules You Need To Know(2022)

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Dating my daughter

Dating my daughter

If you’re thinking about dating my daughter, there are a few things you should know. For starters, I have no problem with the two of you dating. In fact, I encourage it! I just want to make sure you know the rules for dating my daughter and follow them.

As a father, I want to do whatever I can to make sure my daughter feels loved and cherished; I also want to protect her from bad experiences as she ventures out into the world as an adult. That’s why it’s important to have rules in place about how my daughter will be treated by potential boyfriends – rules that she agrees with and supports, of course!

These rules for dating my daughter will give you ideas on how to keep her safe and happy.

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Rules for dating my daughter

Rules for dating my daughter

So here are the rules for dating my daughter that you need to follow

1. When dating my daughter, make sure she’s into you:

If my daughter isn’t willing to go out with you, forget it. You’re not going to be able to force her, and you shouldn’t even try. A woman must want to go out with you. She must feel comfortable with you as a person and believe that your intentions are true.

You need a girl who is into you! So if my daughter isn’t interested, I don’t expect you to continue pursuing her.

It doesn’t matter how much your friends think she’s hot or how badly they want us to meet each other; it’s just not going to happen.

2. Ask me first :

Before dating my daughter, You should have my permission.

For some reason, I trust my daughter to make good choices, but I don’t trust you. That kind of thinking maybe old-fashioned, but I still don’t want my little girl treated like a piece of meat.

3. Second, ask her mother:

The right way to ask a girl out is to talk to her mother. (that’s the second rules for dating my daughter). If we give you permission and if we make sure that our daughter likes you, then you can go on and date her. That way, she knows there is a man in her life that cares enough about her safety and well-being to put boundaries down.

4. I don’t make the rules, I just enforce them:

First and foremost, you have to understand that I don’t make rules. I just enforce them. So if you decide to break one of my little girl’s hearts, I may or may not let her come crying back to me. What I can promise is that you will get a good swift kick in your ass if this happens. Remember, I learned karate.

Other Rules to date my daughter

my girl

If you’re still reading, it’s very likely that my daughter is dating you, and you’re looking for more dating rules for my daughter.

I feel compelled to lay down some ground rules for you. Here are some more rules to date my daughter. You will make my daughter and me happy if you follow these simple rules, so don’t mess up!

5. Don’t be nervous:

If you’re going to ask my daughter out, just do it. The worst thing she can say is “no,” but trust me, she won’t turn you down if your gesture is sincere and genuine. I know her better than anyone, and trust me when I say that she wants someone who is confident enough to put himself out there.

So go ahead—ask her out. Make sure to treat her with respect, be a gentleman, and bring her home before 8 p.m.—because curfew sucks and so will I if I have to come looking for you.

6. Don’t break her heart (If you do, I will break yours too):

Having your heart broken is no fun. I know this because I’ve been on both sides of that equation.

So before you decide to date my daughter, here are a few pointers: Do not break her heart.

If you find yourself tempted to break her heart, do us both a favor and walk away while you still can!

Be faithful: No matter how pretty she is, don’t go looking for other women in order to make yourself feel better about having hurt her feelings. That’s low and unfair, not to mention incredibly risky (and not just for your relationship).

Respect for me: This rule should go without saying. Don’t disrespect me or my wife by putting our daughter in harm’s way or talking trash about us behind our backs.

Dating my daughter : Rule 7

7. “No means no” :

If she says no, that means no. That’s it. That doesn’t mean trying again in five minutes, and maybe she’ll change her mind. If you can’t accept a simple “no,” then you shouldn’t be dating anyone.

8. First and foremost, get a job:

If you’re going to date my daughter, you’ll have to show me you can support her. You must have a stable job or be in school full-time. No slackers!

I don’t care if we’re talking about dating or marriage, there’s no financial security in a relationship without proper planning. There is plenty of fish in the sea, but not all of them are ready to start paying their own way!

So, until I see proof that you can take care of my little girl, our dating days are over before they begin. That means no kissing at school.

9. Be there for my daughter when she needs you:

Be there when my daughter needs you, not just when she wants you.

I know that might sound a little harsh, but hear me out.

There will be plenty of chances to get to know each other and do fun things together, but my most important job as a dad is to help protect her.

That means watching out for her heart, which means protecting her from boys who might break it and from men who might take advantage of her in other ways.

She won’t develop fully until well after college, so I want you to respect that and hold off on trying to win it over now.

10. Don’t lie to her:

I did not raise a liar. If you lie, she’ll probably find out sooner or later and will never trust you again. Instead of having her heartbroken, why not just break up with her?

I’ve always been honest with my daughter, and that’s made all our relationships easier to maintain. Being honest is better than lying because it means your partner never has to worry about whether they can trust you in your relationship.

11. Don’t try anything funny with her in public:

As dads, we know it’s always best to set up parameters from day one. One of these rules should be that you always ask my permission before taking my daughter out in public. Sure, I might be a pushover when it comes to her and maybe even a little lenient at times, but just know that if I feel something has crossed a line, there will be consequences.

These consequences won’t necessarily happen immediately, but don’t doubt for a second that they won’t happen – particularly if you try anything funny with her in public.

That said, I do realize there are ways to get to know her without taking her out on a date—especially since she will likely choose activities that aren’t very romantic anyway.

Last Rule of dating my daughter

12. Treat my girl as if she were your queen:

This one should be a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised by how many people get it wrong. While my daughter might not be your wife, she is your girlfriend and will act accordingly. She’s making you a part of her family, so make sure you uphold that privilege.

When she feels loved and appreciated by her boyfriend (you), she won’t feel compelled to stray or cheat on you (see Rule No. 5). Be there when she needs you. At some point in time, my daughter will need your advice.

In Conclusion : dating my daughter

With these ten important guidelines for dating my daughter, you can help her navigate her new, wonderful world of dating without too much of a hassle.

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