How Do I Interact With My Daughter’s Boyfriend?

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I’m a worried dad who wants to ensure my kid is safe. I get angry when boys get too close to my daughter. I want to keep her safe, but I also want her to be able to hang out with the boys and his boyfriend. How do I interact with my daughter’s boyfriend?

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How do I interact with my daughter’s boyfriend?

I appreciate your brilliant questions. As the father of two boys and one girl (Ana, Jay, and Naomi), I understand the jealousy that can develop when guys begin dating your daughter. 

When Ana was young, we were very close, but as she grew older, I became increasingly controlling and jealous. I imposed strict rules on her interactions with boys, and as a result, my daughter started lying to me. 

I regret that I let my jealousy get the best of me. I wish I could go back and change everything.

I advise you to become closer to your daughter and spend time with her. Take her on a date sometimes. 

Try to be open-minded and let her have some freedom. Of course, you may feel anxious, but you need to manage those feelings without being too controlling. If you become closer to your daughter and allow her to date, she will be more open with you, and you will know what’s going on in her life.

Remember that your feelings of jealousy are your issue and not your daughter’s. Try to manage them and not let them get in the way of your relationship with your daughter.

Once you’ve established a loving relationship with your daughter and her freedom, you should be able to express your feelings to the boy she’s dating.

How to Deal with Your Daughter’s Boyfriend

Know your role

As a parent, you must know where you stand in your daughter’s relationships. You can affect what she does and how she sees things. Your help and support can make her relationship go well from the start. Remember that you play a big part in this new relationship. 

Open communication

When dealing with your daughter’s boyfriend, keep the lines of conversation open. 

Give him a place to talk about his feelings and thoughts without fear of judgment. 

Set boundaries

Setting boundaries is very important; talk to your daughter and her boyfriend about what is and isn’t okay.

Treat him with care and love

Show that you want to get to know him and accept the unique things that make him unique. Respect his limits and thoughts, even if they are different from yours. 

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