10 Subtle Signs Your Boyfriend Is Losing Interest In You

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signs your boyfriend is losing interest

Signs your boyfriend is losing interest

How to tell if your boyfriend is losing interest? If you’re wondering if your boyfriend’s feelings are changing, there are some signs your boyfriend is losing interest.

While he may not be able to tell you in words that he is losing interest, there are clues in his behavior and what he says that can help you figure out what’s going on between the two of you.

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19 signs your boyfriend is losing interest

Here are 19 signs your boyfriend is losing interest in you to help you figure out what’s going on

1. He doesn’t give you a lot of time

Whenever a guy is interested in you, he needs to spend the majority of his time with you. But to learn further about you, even if he spends too much time with someone. He will feel like it isn’t enough.

Signs your boyfriend is losing interest: he will not spend a lot of time with you. It’s an obvious indication that he lost interest in you.

Most times, he will pretend to be with you and his concentration will be somewhere.

So don’t fool yourselves because he’s not investing the same kind of effort into your dates or refuses to spend some time with them like he already has to. That’s among the signs your boyfriend is losing interest

2. He isn’t the first person to reach out to you

This is one of the signs your boyfriend is losing interest, you’re the one that constantly writes and calls him. He never begins a communication, but he does respond to it most of the time.

How to tell if your boyfriend is losing interest? He never sends you a text first. Guys will avoid contacting you by text or phone since they would not want to appear needy. If this is a repeated pattern, it’s an indicator because he’s not that interested in you.

3. He is not jealous of others

signs your boyfriend is losing interest: Possessiveness is characterized by jealousy. Whenever he sees his girl with somebody, every man, whether he displays it or not, becomes a little jealous. However, you can know he’s upset by his body movements even if he doesn’t say anything.

Have you seen how someone responds to flirtation or getting near to certain other guys? It’s a dead giveaway that he’s just not into you. Because he just doesn’t notice what you’ve been doing with other people.

4. You are the one who makes plans

Would you be the kind of making plans all the time? This might be one of the obvious indicators he is not into you. He is not interested in trying to have a nice time with him when you construct a strategy and request his thoughts. He offers you vague answers and advises you to make your own personal decisions.

How to tell if your boyfriend is losing interest

5. He constantly cancels appointments

How to tell if your boyfriend is losing interest? Look at the example below. You’re starting to look forward to your date with him after spending a lot of time and work preparing it. However, your desire to meet him becomes higher with each other together, and then he unexpectedly cancels on him.

It’s not the first time he’s done anything like this. It’s usually a work-related issue or some such he wants to attend to. Furthermore, he doesn’t seem to show any remorse for being on you. He just chalks it up to the next day and walks on, unconcerned about your sentiments. Therefore, is it possible that this is love?

6. Flirting with other girls is one of the telltale signals that he isn’t interested in you

Remember when Carrie accompanied her husband Big to a Hollywood première in Sex and the City2 Only to discover him laughing in the side with a lady he’d been talking with from the party? When he was happy during the same interaction and had a wonderful evening. As soon as it came home, he got into bed in front of the TV.

Therefore, his pleasant attitude disappeared. When he returned home with Carrie, he just disregarded her and returned to being alone.

Evaluate the following situation. You and your date go to a party, and you notice him joking about and flirting with other women. He returns to being dull and inattentive as soon as you join the discussion. Therefore, instead of keeping you company at the party. He’s very interested in speaking to other ladies. Is he truly interested in you? How to tell if he’s no longer interested in you is to look for signs that he’s behaving like Mr. Big.

7. He is completely unaware of your existence

The more time both of you spend together, the more they will explore one another. People who are interested in you will inquire about you from your good friends as well. In his instance, you understand all there is to know concerning him, but he knows nothing about you.

How to tell if your boyfriend is losing interest? He doesn’t bother to inquire about you. You can tell he’s no longer interested in you. If he isn’t interested in about your day went. How you spend your time and what might be truly going on in your life. He isn’t interested in you. Likely, he does not in itself care about how your day went. How you spend your spare time, or what’s going on throughout your life?

8. One of the signs your boyfriend is losing interest is a lack of emotional connection

Consider the following situation. Your husband is usually depressed. Although when you’re depressed, he doesn’t seem to notice, and you can’t depend on him to support you. That is because you don’t have any emotional connections to each other.

Love and emotions are developed from an emotional link because you and your companion lack that connection. You may be fascinated with him, which makes it difficult to see, trust, and understand the indicators that he isn’t interested in you. Whenever the emotional gap is present, though, your heart understands that this isn’t a connection worth keeping.

Some additional signs your boyfriend is losing interest

signs your boyfriend is losing interest

Here are some additional signs your boyfriend is losing interest and what to do

9. If he is still another person to you

Communication and trying to get to know one another on a more intimate and intimate level are at the heart of each partnership.

This person did not talk anything to you before. Originally, you assumed he was an extrovert. But even now, you believe he is unconcerned. Therefore, he constantly keeps the discussion official and refers to you as an associate rather than a friend or a lover.

10. For him, it’s all about sex

Whenever he agreed to have sex with you, the only time you both interacted was when he agreed to have sex with you.

However, he returns to just being his boring self when the conversation is finished. Therefore, it’s as though your friendship is only built on sexual attraction.

If he finds it simple to just zip up and walk out of your home, once the deed is one, then you need to think to do about what this relationship means to him. So do you think you’ll be able to relate to this? Therefore, if you can, consider this a significant red signal in your relationship.

11. He doesn’t introduce you to his friends or family

Of course, there are exceptions to every rule, but it’s a red flag if he doesn’t at least pretend to want you to meet his friends and family. If he isn’t proud of you, then what is he doing with you? It could also be that he is ashamed of his circle, which would point more towards him not being into you than him simply being protective.

After all, if your boyfriend isn’t willing to show off his pretty new girlfriend, it could mean that no one else in his life will appreciate how amazing you are either. Plus, if he can’t even convince those closest to him that they should get to know you better or have anything good to say about your relationship together, that should send up some major red flags too.

12. He avoids eye contact

There’s a reason you think he’s never looking at you. When we make eye contact, we can see and read each other in a meaningful way. Men are visually stimulated, so they are most at ease when they can get a good look at you. If your guy doesn’t hold your gaze or looks away when you make eye contact with him, it doesn’t bode well for his overall interest in you.

Signs he’s wasting your time

no love

13) He doesn’t initiate texting:

If you can’t count on a guy to make an effort with texts, that’s among the signs he’s wasting your time, he might not be into you. If he doesn’t take any initiative to reach out, it may mean that his feelings aren’t as strong as yours—which is a good reason to reassess things before you get too invested. This can be especially disappointing if your interest in him is greater than his interest in you.

But don’t let yourself become discouraged; just because one guy isn’t interested doesn’t mean there isn’t another man who will appreciate you more.

14) He blows you off with excuses :

The first major sign that a guy is not into you is when he doesn’t seem to have time for you. No matter how many times you ask him out, he always seems to come up with an excuse as to why he can’t. Either that, or he simply has no interest in getting to know you at all. If you get blown off too many times, there’s really no reason to keep trying. If a guy isn’t interested in getting to know you, then it’s probably best if you just move on and find someone who will take your calls.

So If a guy is really interested in you, he will make time for you. And if he has other obligations that require his attention, he will be upfront and honest about them so that you know when to expect him and when not to. If a guy is blowing you off with excuses or giving you mixed signals, don’t waste your time with him anymore.

15) Is he guilty when you catch him in a lie?

A little white lie is sometimes okay, but when you catch him in a bigger one, it should raise a red flag. If he can’t be honest with you about smaller things than that, how are you supposed to trust him in your relationship? It might be time to let him go. Even if he says he loves you, there has to be trust between two people in order for a relationship to work out. If there isn’t any, then what’s even the point of being together?

16) Does he lead with attraction at the beginning and then disappear?

If a guy is really into you, he’ll make a point to contact you frequently. However, if he doesn’t initiate communication or seems slow to respond to your text messages, then it might be safe to assume that his feelings aren’t as strong as yours.

If he never takes initiative to hang out in person and instead waits for you to suggest meeting up, then there’s a good chance that he isn’t invested in seeing where things go with you.

17) Has he kept you waiting for his reply too long :

It’s okay to wait a day or two for his response, but if he takes more than three days to respond, it might be that he is not into you. If he doesn’t seem interested at all in hanging out, then move on to someone else. Your time is better spent meeting new people rather than waiting around for him. Hopefully, your relationship will still be amicable if you decide to stay friends later on.

18) When you meet his friends and family, does he avoid introducing you:

If he acts like you two are just friends and never refers to you as his girlfriend, he might not be ready to introduce you to his closest friends and family. It’s OK if he doesn’t want everyone in his life to know about you yet, but if he has no desire at all to introduce you around because it might make him uncomfortable, then it’s probably a sign that he’s just not into dating right now.

19) When it comes to being on time, is this guy often late; either by hours or by minutes? Even worse, does he blame traffic and/or weather conditions each time as an excuse?

If a guy is interested in you, he’ll find a way to be on time. He might not always be able to control bad traffic, but it doesn’t matter because he still shows up. When he doesn’t show up, or even worse is late by hours or even minutes each time, chances are he’s not that into you.

It’s simple logic: if he was really into you, he’d make sure to put your needs first and would go out of his way to make sure you’re happy and satisfied. This goes for both short-term and long-term relationships. Think about it: how many times have we been late for work? How many times have we made excuses? The truth is, when we’re truly invested in something (or someone), we do whatever it takes; including being punctual!

In Conclusion :

So, he’s not into you. Don’t take it personally; chances are he has nothing against you. It’s possible that he’s not ready for a relationship or he doesn’t want one with you. (Or maybe it’s something else.)

Remember that there are many fish in the sea, but only one will be right for you. If your guy isn’t feeling it with you, it just means there’s someone better out there for him—and for you also! So go ahead and move on.

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