My Ex Blocked Me: Here’s Why & What Should I Do (2022)

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My ex blocked me – that’s hard to hear

Why my ex blocked me

My ex blocked me, why? When you break up with someone, you sometimes wish that your issues would go away after a while, that your ex would miss you, and that you would hear from him again.

It can be difficult to believe that your ex isn’t missing you or isn’t interested in continuing your relationship in the future because he or she has blocked you and doesn’t ask about you anymore.

So what to do in this situation?

So If you want to know why your ex blocked you as well as how to deal with it, read on. Here’s what you need to know :

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What Should You Do If Your Ex Is Blocking You?


1) Understand what triggered it :

What should I do if my ex blocked me? One of my friends recently told me, I don’t get it—my ex and I broke up because she said she needed some space, and then a few days later, I noticed that she had blocked me on social media and telephone.

If you want your ex back, it’s vital that you understand why he or she ended things and what he or she is doing now that might cause him or her to not want anything more with you.

The truth can be harsh sometimes, but if there are issues between you two that haven’t been resolved, addressing them may give you a chance at making things right. You never know—your ex could end up seeing how much happier and more fulfilled he or she is without someone who wasn’t good for him or her. In other words: Your ex just might miss being with someone like YOU! And isn’t that worth taking a shot at?

2) First and foremost, take a deep breath :

You’re going to be okay. We’ve all been there before, whether we were dumped or we ended things with someone we cared about (or both). The fact is, relationships end for many reasons—and sometimes those reasons are out of our control.

3) Recognize that he/she may not have blocked you in order to harm you:

Maybe he/she needed some time alone, they may have blocked their entire social circle for privacy purposes. This isn’t necessarily an indication of their feelings toward you; it could just mean they’re looking forward rather than back.

4) While it’s true they might have blocked you because they want a fresh start without being reminded of their past relationship with you, it doesn’t mean they don’t think about you at all or still harbor feelings for you. They may still want contact with you, but just want some time away from seeing updates about your life.

If Your ex blocked you, don’t contact him until he unblocks you

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1) Do not contact him until he unblocks you; he/she is the one who blocked you and can unblock you if he so desires.

I understand how much it hurts, but do your best to live your life rather than looking for ways to meet your ex.

2) Make you happy and concentrate on yourself; if he wants you, he will reach you first.

3) Don’t ask his friend how your ex is doing; he’s the one who kicked you out of his life.

4) If he does not unblock you, move on, and live your life.

5) Don’t beg him to come back; if he wants you back, he will contact you first.

6)Try to focus on other things in your life that are making you happy.

7) Keep you busy with work, friends, family, and activities; do not let yourself sit around thinking about him all day long.

8) If he contacts you first, do not get back together with him unless he is willing to change his ways of treating you (and others)

9) If he contacts you after a few months or years and wants to apologize for what happened between both of you, forgive him but do not get back together with him unless he is willing to change his ways of treating you

Should I reach out to my ex who blocked me?

Is it a good idea to reach out to an ex who blocked you?

Oftentimes, things didn’t work out with someone for a reason, and going back to them can cause you more pain and frustration. So don’t reach out to your ex who blocked you.

Another thing that may happen is that your ex might unblock you just to make sure you’re not bothering them anymore, but if they were done with you in the first place, then there’s nothing wrong with that.

The key here is not to make any attempt at getting back together or trying to get in touch again; let time heal those wounds and give yourself some space as well.

Why you shouldn’t block your ex?

When your ex blocks you, you can’t talk to them. You won’t know what they’re doing or how they’re feeling; you won’t even be able to check in on their profile. When your ex is upset with you, blocking is just another way of saying I don’t want anything more to do with you.

However, when your ex blocks you, it’s not a good idea for you to block them right back—they’ll see it and will probably assume that you blocked them for whatever reason. Give your ex some space if they need it and don’t contact them unless absolutely necessary. Just wait it out – things will get better eventually!

Final Thought :

If your ex is blocking you , that’s a clear sign that he or she has moved on from your relationship. At that point, it may be best to give up and move on as well.

Trying to get in touch with an ex who’s blocked you will only hurt you more , If you’re still struggling with moving on after being blocked by an ex, consider seeking help from family and friends or reaching out online for support from other people who are going through similar things.