100+ Texts to Make Him Want You: Proven Messages

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Looking to send a text that will make him want to see you right away? Here are some romantic texts to make him want you .

texts to make him want you
  • “I just had the best cup of coffee, and it made me think of our late-night conversations.”
  •     “Don’t you remember when we laughed so hard? I still smile when I think of it.”
  •     “I just saw a movie that made me think of you.”
  •     “I found this cute little cafe by accident. Would you like to try something new?”
  •     “I miss being with you and how you make me feel.”
  •     “When I heard our song today, I thought of you.”
  •     “If you were sweet, you’d be my favorite.”
  •     “Can’t believe how easy it is to talk with you.”
  •     “I wish you were here so we could both enjoy this beautiful sunset.”
  •     “Your happiness is like a bright spot in my day.”
  •     “Tonight, I’m making dinner, and I wish you were here to try it.”
  •     “Do you think that things happen by chance? Because I can’t stop thinking about you.”
  •     “Hey, I need to know what you think about something. You always come up with the best ideas.”
  •     “I just saw something that made me think of how funny you are.”
  •     “I appreciate having you as a friend.”
  •     “Every time I see your name on my phone, I can’t help but smile.”
  •     “Wait, what? I finally did that sport you told me to try, and you were right: it’s great!”
  •     “I love how passionate you are about life.”
  •     “We’re thinking about what our next adventure should be.”
  •     “I hope your day is as great as mine is because of you.”
  •     “I can’t believe how much you’ve made my life better in such a short amount of time.”

Cute texts to make him want you

  •     “Today, I dreamed about the future, and you were there.”
  •     “Remember when we talked about things to do before you die? I think it’s time for us to check something off together.”
  •     “There’s something magical about you that makes everything better.”
  •     “I just wanted to tell you again how great you are.”
  •     “That joke you told is still making me laugh. You’re funny by nature!”
  •     “I had an idea: why don’t we take a short road trip this weekend?”
  •     “You have this amazing ability to make ordinary things into something special.”
  •     “I’m counting down the hours until the next time we talk.”
  •     “Talking to you is like taking a deep breath of fresh air.”
  •     “Do you believe in luck or chance? Because meeting you feels like a sign.”
  •     “I don’t know how you always make me blush, but you do.”
  •     “Your kindness and compassion make my heart truly smile.”
  •     “If I had to choose, talking to you is my favorite part of the day.”
  •     “I’m sure you have a magic touch that makes even the most ordinary things into something special.”
  •     “I just saw a quote that made me think of you: ‘The best things in life are even better when shared.’
  •     “I love how our talks can instantly switch from serious to funny.”
  •     “You have a special way of making me feel like you understand and value me.”
  •     “I don’t know what the future will bring, but I hope you’re a part of it.”
texts to make him want to kiss you
  •     “I can’t decide if I’m more interested in your brains or your smile.”
  •     “Remember when we talked about where we’d like to go? Let’s make one of them come true.”
  •     “I can feel your energy. It’s hard to be sad when you’re around.”
  •     “When I think of you, I can’t help but smile stupidly.”
  •     “You have a secret fan club because you are so charming.”
  •     “You make the everyday feel extraordinary, and I love that about you.”
  •     “I just wanted to hug you in cyberspace and tell you how great you are.”
  •     “I wish you were here to look at this beautiful view together.”
  •     “I’m thankful for the times we’ve had together and the ones we’ll have together in the future.”
  •     “You’re like a good book – I just can’t get enough of you.”
  •     “Just wanted to let you know that every time you cross my mind, it makes me smile.”

Those texts to make him want you are powerful and will make him want to see you.

Texts to make him want to kiss you

Here are ten flirtatious and charming texts to make him want to kiss you

  •     “I have this crazy thought… what if our next conversation ends with a kiss?”
  •     “I’ve heard that kissing a person you connect with is akin to sharing a portion of your spirit. Are you prepared for a profound exchange?”
  •     “I can’t help but wonder how your mouth would feel against mine…”
  •     “Something about your smile makes me wish I could turn it into a kiss.”
  •     “Do you have faith in chemistry?” We could produce pyrotechnics.
  •     “Have you ever considered how one kiss can alter everything?”
  •     “I firmly believe in taking risks. How about we begin with an opportunity for a kiss?”
  •     “As we get closer, my desire to steal a kiss grows. Do not claim I failed to caution you.”

It’s important to respect the other person’s signals and comfort level when flirting and creating excitement. Consent and mutual attraction are key elements in any romantic interaction. And don’t forget to enjoy those texts that make him want you and want to kiss you.

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