50+ Sexy and Lovely Good Night Messages for Your Darling

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“Good Night, My darling, You already know I love you and will always protect you”  That’s the best way to tell your sweetheart good night.

Even at the end of the day, showing love and care is important. Sending an honest “Sleep well, darling” message to someone you care about is a great way to show how much you care. 

 Try those “sweet good night, darling” texts to ensure your loved one sleeps well and peacefully.

lovely good night message

Good night, my darling

  • I’m just looking at your picture right now, & I can’t help but smile because I know deep down in my heart that you are mine. Sleep well, darling.
  • Sweet dreams, beautiful; I hope you have pleasant dreams and rest well tonight. I’ll be thinking of you while we’re apart.
  • Goodnight, my handsome boy. The stars are bright, but not as bright as your eyes.
  • It may appear foolish or stupid to send such a message late at night, but I love you.
  • Good night, and please remember me in your dreams.
  • You mean a lot to me; I’m missing you right now. I wish you a restful night.

Sleep well, darling.

  • It hurts to miss someone, but even more to love someone. This evening, I’m missing you; sleep well, my everything.
  • Goodnight, Sweetheart, and I wish you a wonderful dream tonight.
  • This is just a quick text message to let you know I’m thinking of you as I sleep.
  • Have a stunning night’s sleep, my handsome!
  • All I can think about as I lie in bed and close my eyes is how grateful I am for our relationship and what we share. May God also bless you.
  • Goodnight, dear, and may your dreams contain images of me! Sweetheart, good night! I’m going to miss you so much!
  • I’m looking forward to seeing you in my dreams tonight, love! Sweet dreams, lovely angel!
  • Goodnight, sweetheart, I’m thinking of you; I hope our plans for tomorrow don’t fade like last night’s dream, as long as you get a good night’s sleep.
  • I can’t sleep because I can’t stop thinking about you; even though we’re not around each other anymore, I want you to know I’ll always find a way to make you happy. Good night, honey, and sweet dreams.
  • Every day is special because it brings us closer together, one day at a time. Have a good night.

Good night, my handsome

Lovely good night message to make him feel appreciated.

  • It’s nice to have a friend like you who makes my every day seem so enjoyable.
  • I’ll keep whispering my undying love for you until you fall asleep, beautiful girl.
  • My lovely girl, think about me tonight; restful sleep.
  • My love, we’ll be together soon, night, honey.
  • Without thinking about your hugs, the night isn’t as enjoyable, have wonderful dreams, sweetie girl.
  • Before I go to bed, I only want to think about you; you are my sweetest girl; good night, beautiful.
  • My bed feels warm and cozy when I think of you; good night, honey.
  • I want to sleep with my eyes open, dreaming about you. I send you the brightest stars to keep you safe.

Other Good Night Wishes

loving good night message
  • Good night, my love. I wish God would wrap his arms around you, keep you safe through the night, and send many angels to keep an eye on you. Good night, my love.
  • God made us friends, so we could laugh, live life together, and be there for each other at all stages. Good night, my darling.
  • My loveliest darling, May your dreams be filled with joy and happiness. Have wonderful romantic dreams.
  • You are the most important person in my life, and I am grateful to God for blessing me with such a wonderful woman. Good night, sweetheart.
  • Thank you for being my best friend, lover, and the center of my universe. Good night, my sweetheart.
  • If I could talk to someone from the past, I’d tell them how fortunate they are to have met you. My love, God bless you.

” Good night, honey” I miss you.

  • When I look into your eyes, I see the light of truth, beauty, and goodness. Goodnight, my precious angel.
  • A kiss on the cheek, a hug, and a prayer before bed. Have a good night’s sleep, my love.
  • The moon shines brightly in the sky, but not as brightly as the starlight on you. Good night, my darling.
  • May the sun’s warmth caress your face, the chill of the moonlight caress your skin, and the soothing touch of the breeze caress your hair. Sweet dreams, my baby.
  • Sweet dreams, May you awaken, rejuvenated, and ready to face a new day full of promise and hope.
  • My dearest, have a lovely night’s sleep. Thank you for bringing my life to a close.
  • Have a good night, baby. I’m available whenever you need me, lovely lady.

More Good Night Wishes For Your Love

loving good night message
  • My darling, tomorrow is another day to work hard and rest well.
  • Sleep peacefully, my sweetheart; I will make tomorrow a great day.
  • Sweet dreams, darling; we will see each other tomorrow with lots of love in our hearts.
  • Be nice and sleep tight, my angel; tomorrow is another day for me to kiss you all over your face.
  • Get a good night’s sleep tonight; I have a million things planned for you tomorrow!
  • Please close your eyes as you go to bed tonight and think about me by your side; that’s where I want to be when I wake up tomorrow morning! Good night honey, i miss you

“Good night,” my darling

  • Rest well, my angel; let me care for everything while you snore tonight. Tomorrow is all about our fun together.
  • Don’t think of looking over your shoulder before closing your eyes tonight… I will be behind you in my dream, watching over every move until it’s time to kiss those soft little cheeks. Goodnight one more time!
  • Go to sleep now, my love; know that I am thinking about you as you go to bed tonight so that I can be there with a smile when you open your eyes tomorrow morning!
  • Close your eyes and sleep now, my sweetheart; it will be lovely tomorrow!

” Sleep tight, my love “

  • It makes me so happy to know that I can wake up every morning knowing that there is nothing more important than our love. Good night, and don’t forget: it will be a great day tomorrow!
  • As I think about our love, which has grown over time, my dearest husband, I thank God I wish you to sleep like a baby.
  • Tonight will be filled with sweet dreams about us. I am sending a lovely goodnight message to tell you how much I miss and love you! So don’t be concerned if you can’t see or feel me in your arms right now. Close your eyes and go to sleep. And when it’s time to wake up tomorrow, when I’m right in front of your eyes, smile…

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