How to Subtly Compliment a Guy: 50+ Compliments for Guys

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How to subtly compliment a guy

What’s the best compliment for guys? Complimenting guys is easy – just be honest and straightforward. Whether it’s his appearance, athletic prowess, or fashion sense, a little praise can make a big difference to him.

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Easy and simple ways to compliment a guy

You may wonder what makes a good compliment for a man or how to compliment a guy you like. Several elements are essential as it starts with the delivery. Timing is everything. Also, make sure the tone is right. Don’t leave any room for misinterpretation.

You also have to consider the compliment’s content. Don’t be vague. Don’t backhandedly compliment. Men can see straight through pity-based compliments. You should compliment the man in your life at an appropriate time. In the end, the continent must fit the situation. If the compliment is inappropriate or mistimed, it will not be well received. Pitying is not liked.

However, before you get into our list of compliments, here are some ideas for offering him a sincere compliment. The following points are worth considering, but we know the guy better than we do:

  • Stay true to yourself. Don’t be fooled by empty flattery. Believe what he knows to be true. When you compliment his eyes, ensure you get the colors right.
  • Give without ulterior motives and with sincerity. Complimenting him will not make him open to you or make him more amenable to your request.
  • Please be specific. “You look good” is okay, but “I love that color on you” or “You look handsome in that shirt” are better.
  • Learn what he values most. Your compliments will miss their mark and further alienate him if you don’t know (or care) what he values most.
  • Focus on his best qualities. Celebrate his progress if he has been working on self-improvement (hitting the gym, volunteering, taking risks, etc.).

Do not overlook praise-worthy traits he is less aware of. Bring his attention to things you appreciate about him.

Timing is everything. Make sure you don’t interrupt him while he’s concentrating on something.

Don’t expect a return compliment. Do not compliment him in hopes that he will compliment you back.

Let him know how you feel. Tell him when he makes you feel safe, respected, beautiful, etc.

50+ Compliments for guys

1. Compliment his appearance

  • You’re so stunning.
  • You sort of shine.
  • I have to admit that your looks caught my eye.
  • Good looks make you stand out in crowds.
  • Look super manly today. I like it.
  • That tie/suit/outfit looks great on you!
  • I love being wrapped in your sexy arms.
  • Laughing makes you look beautiful.
  • When you cry, you look beautiful.
  • You always look so handsome in messy hair.

2. Compliment him on his intelligence

  • You remind me of a search engine! It always amazes me how much you know about just about everything.
  • Your professionalism always impresses me. That must make building relationships easier for you.
  • Your career is so meaningful. One day I hope to find a career as fulfilling as yours.
  • Do you have a dream? Due to your intelligent and charismatic nature, it’s a good chance. Please consider me.
  • You always answer questions well. Your thoughts are always so well-thought-out.

3. Compliments to give him respect

  • I like you.
  • You’re awesome.
  • I respect you so much.
  • Each time I see you, you do a better job of being yourself.
  • It took great courage to admit you were wrong/apologize/have that difficult conversation back there… I admire you for doing that. You were impressive.
  • I admire how forgiving you are with the people closest to you. To be the bigger man back there took a lot of strength, and you did it very well.
  • My friends/parents/coworkers love how considerate you are. Thanks for being so considerate.

4. It’s cheesy, but pick-up lines are also cute

  • I find you so captivating; how are you an artist?
  • I’d set you to stun if I were a Taser.
  • You’re the sexiest man I’ve ever seen. I know honesty is the best policy, so you are a completely honest man.

5. Complimenting a guy to show trust

  • You are my hope.
  • You’re so driven.
  • I know you can achieve whatever you set your mind to. You always have.
  • People want to work with/for you because they trust you. Hopefully, you’re great at what you do.
  • Congratulations on the raise/new job. Everybody knows how talented and hardworking you are. I’m so proud of you.
  • Your life has already been filled with so much success. I trust that you will continue to accomplish many more great things. You will take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way.


Complimenting a man could express your admiration for him. It’s important to consider the compliment’s content, tone, context, and manner carefully.

In a good scenario, employ those compliments that guys love to hear. If you try them, they go considerably further than any other supplement you’ve tried.