How to Get a Man to Give You Money Without Asking (2022)

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Do you want to know How to get a man to give you money without asking and how to trick a man into giving you money? You are in the right place. Many girls, including myself, wonder how to get money from a man without asking

If you expect a guy to give you money without asking, mainly if you are in a relationship with him, you are not a gold digger.

Let’s drive in!

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Obtaining money from someone you’re dating is not always frowned upon nor restricted to those with a sugar daddy.

Men have a terrible reputation for being stingy with their money, but this stereotype isn’t always true. Getting men to give you money can be difficult, but it’s not impossible with the right tips and tricks.

So, how to trick a man into giving you money, and How to get money from a man without asking?

How to get a man to give you money without asking?

These methods for getting money from a man without asking are always guaranteed to make him feel good about the transaction, even if he is unsure beforehand.

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The following are some of the most effective methods for coercing any guy into doing anything for you, including buying you think and spoiling you without even asking.

1) Outline how much you need and why

It may seem obvious, but before you can ask a man for money, you must first know how much money you want and why it is so important.

If you need $25,000 for new equipment that will help your company generate $50,000 in additional revenue over time, then don’t just tell him about your need, not how much money you want.

Show him how you wish to have a piece of equipment and explain how much better your business will run if it has modern machines rather than outdated ones.

You’re not asking him this way; instead, you’re telling him what you wish to have.

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2) Appear attractive and seductive:

To entice a guy and get what you want from him, physical allure is essential.

When it comes to “appearance” and “attractiveness,” however, personal style, cleanliness, and an attractive posture are included. Attractiveness may be the most effective method to win men’s affection and obtain what you desire.

Therefore, ladies, do not ignore yourself; dress well and feel good about yourself. The majority of guys will want to pamper you for your beauty.

3) Flirt with him

The best relationships aren’t necessarily built on romance but on mutual respect and friendship. And if you want your man to give you money (without asking), there’s no better way to show him that you respect and admire him than by respecting yourself enough not to take his hard-earned cash.

But flirting isn’t all smiles and pretty words, it also helps if you talk—and listen—to each other! It doesn’t matter what you’re talking about—as long as he feels like he can connect with you emotionally.

4) Make Him Feel Like He’s in Control

Men are attracted to and want to take care of women. If you appear helpless, unattractive, or need support in some way, you will have a hard time convincing men to spend money on you.

To make him feel like he’s in control, ask for his help or advice on getting what you want rather than simply asking for things.

For example, if you’re out shopping and would like a pair of shoes he likes, consider asking for his opinion rather than just buying them for yourself; if he agrees that they look good on you, he can return his credit card in hand and buy them.

5) how to get a guy to give you money? Play with His Ego

Your boyfriend or husband might have a couple of bucks to burn, but men are usually more motivated by their own desires than yours.

If you want him to spend his hard-earned cash on something special for you, let him think it was his idea.

His ego will make him feel more manly and more in love with you—and maybe even get him digging around in his pockets for a few bills.

How to get money from a man without asking (grandma’s advice)


6) how to get a guy to give you money? Learn When He Is Most Vulnerable

An easy way to get money from your man is by making him feel safe and secure in his life. Learn when he is most vulnerable, whether it’s before he goes on a big business trip or when he’s about to embark on an important project at work.

For example, you could lend him your support by helping him pack for his trip or run any errands that would make his life easier.

To avoid placing added stress on him, make sure he knows what you are up to—offer suggestions rather than just giving orders.

7) Reassure Him That You Won’t Abuse the Power Over Him

How to get money from a man without asking? While you may not be able to get him to give you money by yourself, you should work on telling him that he doesn’t have anything to worry about. His biggest fear when it comes down to it is that you’ll use his power over him for your own personal gain or pleasure.

8) how to get money from a man without asking? Read His Mind

Knowing what your man is thinking gives you plenty of ammunition. By understanding how men think and operate, you can figure out how to get money from a man without asking

Men are not great at hiding their emotions; when they want something, they go after it! Figure out what he wants most, then just make it happen! But be careful: men hate clingy women and will often lose interest if you start acting like his wife (instead of his girlfriend).

9) Send Him Mixed Signals, but in a Non-Annoying Way

Keep in mind that you want him to offer financial support; you don’t want him to feel manipulated. The key is keeping your requests subtle and nonchalant, so he doesn’t see it as an ultimatum. Here are some examples

10) how to get money from a man without asking? Be Mysterious

Say less than you think, and give him something to wonder about. Don’t talk all of your business if he asks. Tease him with little bits of information, but don’t give away too much at once.

The more questions he has, the more likely he is to do what it takes for you not only go his curiosity satisfied but also to prove that he did something worthwhile for you as well.

11) how to get money from a man without asking? Ask for What You Want

Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want. If your man is not giving it, try hinting. An example of hinting is asking for money for clothes and then go buy shoes.

Let him know that you would like more than what he’s offering, without directly saying so in words. Sometimes, men don’t pay attention to nonverbal cues, so it doesn’t hurt to add those in too.

12) Offer Something In Return

Having someone do something for you without asking for compensation, no matter how menial or how much it benefits you, isn’t good etiquette. If you really want that man to buy your dinner or a drink, offer him something in return; even if it’s just gratitude. For example: Do me a favor and let me buy your next drink? It would mean so much to me. I’d feel like I owe you big time!

How to get a man to give you money (Mature Girl Advice)

13) Compliment Him:

Most guys are constantly bombarded with insults, criticism, and complaints throughout the day (at work and sometimes among their friends), which may be tiring.

If you can be his only source of validation, the only one who praises and encourages him, he will gladly express his gratitude in both monetary and intangible forms. So make sure your words are genuine; otherwise, they could backfire horribly.

14) Show Him Your Appreciation:

Whenever he does anything for you, no matter how little, express your gratitude. This mindset would motivate him to work harder and harder.

15) Suggest Him :

At times, you may want to assume the “damsel in distress” character. You might just murmur a complaint about something you’ve been intending to purchase or pay for, and he’d spring into action, eager to prove himself a hero to you.

The only caveat is that you must convey it clearly enough (so he understands how essential it is to you), or he will miss it. What you desire does not even have to be rational for him; all he needs is a clue that it is significant to you.

16) Surprise Him With A Gift:

This one works flawlessly. No (normal) guy wants to be outdone by a woman. If you give him a shirt, he is likely to want to give you bags and shoes in return.

If you give him a vehicle, you may just earn yourself a home. Additionally, try to surprise him sometimes with acts of service, such as taking care of his clothes or cleaning the home.

17) Se Him Up:

If you accompany him shopping, you may very literally set him up to pay the bill via a variety of strategies. For instance, you might like a shoe in front of him but lament the price (or your lack of cash), or you could convince him to hold the shoes for you while you go to the counter.

In both situations, he would be compelled to act. Now you’ve got him spoiling you without your permission.

How to get a guy to give you money (More Advice)

18) Express Your Emotions:

While you want to avoid confrontation, you also want to communicate to him that something is wrong. If you see that he is missing the point, you may demonstrate this by pouting and looking dissatisfied. This (most of the time) is sufficient to push him towards quickly rethinking his methods.

19) Prepare a meal for him:

“The stomach is the gateway to a man’s heart.”

Men like eating delectable meals prepared by their female counterparts. Prepare your man’s favorite dinner; he’ll feel like a king after the meal, and now is the moment to present what you want.

For instance, ask him if he can take you to see Yves Saint Laurents new line of handbags.

20) Sex Is Also Effective:

If you are comfortable having sex with him, this may have hypnotic effects – much more so if the sex is amazing. Men (as long as they are not poisonous or promiscuous) will go to great lengths to defend the object of their love – donating money, time, and energy are really not “problems” if you are significant to them.

If he perceives himself to be a king in the relationship, he will behave accordingly (by buying you stuff, giving you money, and doing nice things, just to keep you happy).

It’s also worth noting that guys don’t always have money, so it’s best to save the most complex and powerful gestures until after he receives his salary. However, you should also ensure that you are making subtler gestures earlier so that when you go for it, it does not seem weird or exploitative.

21) Keep Calm And Wait:

At times, you just have to be patient with him. Certain guys just take longer to catch on. Others may be in a pickle but are still thinking about you (even if they don’t express it). Nagging, arguing, screaming, pouting, yelling, or throwing tantrums will only spoil things. Nonetheless, make him feel understood and appreciated.

That is how to get a guy to give you money(including buying you think and spoiling you, without even asking.) and it is not that difficult, is it?

How to trick a man to give you money (bad WOMEN ADVICE)

How to trick a man to give you money

Are you upset with your husband because he’s not contributing enough to the household income? Are you wondering how to trick a man to give you money? Do you think it’s unfair that you have to work while he sits around and plays video games during the weekend?

If so, it might be time to try this sneaky trick! It works like magic every time, and he won’t even notice what you’re doing until the extra money starts showing up in your bank account!

Read on, ” How to trick a man to give you money. “

How to trick a man to give you money. Find out what he thinks

To get a sense of his current income and spending habits, ask him directly. Make sure you phrase it as an open-ended question that invites him to offer details rather than just a yes or no answer.

 In our case, we’d want to know what his current salary is and how much he spends each month on rent, groceries, entertainment, etc. If he can’t answer those questions easily, that might be your first clue about where things are headed. 

The more you know now, the better equipped you’ll be when it comes time to renegotiate a few months down the road. It’s not fun having that conversation, but it will help you understand if he truly has no idea what his financial situation looks like or if he’s just trying to keep from hurting your feelings.

How to trick a man to give you money: Pretend that you are spending More

No matter what your guy earns, you should be able to trick him into thinking that you are spending more than you actually are. Never pretend like things are tight when they aren’t.

Increase your budget gradually

So you’ve decided that you want more cash and there’s a guy who wants your attention. Sounds like a recipe for success, right? Unfortunately, convincing someone—your man or anyone else—to give you more money is easier said than done. But it can be done if you make your case calmly and thoughtfully.

How to trick a man to give you money? Spend time shopping with him

Making your guy think it’s his idea is the best way to get him used to spending more. Make him excited about some great new shoes he likes on you that are available in your favorite store and invite him to accompany you.

Spend his money on something useful

Whether you’re married or in a relationship, spending your man’s money on something useful is a great way to get him excited about giving you more. Of course, his idea of what is useful may be different than yours, so make sure whatever item you buy has at least two uses for you.

  For example, if you know he’s big on self-care products, buying him a new beard trimmer will not only make him happy, but it will also leave you with more bathroom cabinet space.

Don’t wait for him to ask for more

The first mistake women make when it comes to money is waiting for their partner to offer more. Men generally have a higher pay range than women, and they’re often unwilling to share that with their significant other if they think they won’t be appreciated. 

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It’s important that you ask for what you want, or your man may never offer more. It’s all about how you phrase it: A simple way to get him to give up his cash is by being strategic with your wording. Instead of asking him directly for a raise, try something like ” I know things are tight right now, but I was wondering if we could afford [insert item here]. We don’t have much left over after bills and rent every month. ”

How to get money from a man without asking (This is also important )

How to get money from a man without asking? Here is more advice for you on how to get money from a man without asking :

Build Romantic Scenarios to tempt him :

– You can create a romantic scenario before asking him for money:

– Prepare his favorite meal and set the table with candles for a romantic dinner at home.

– After a long day at work, give him a massage.

– Plan a weekend getaway that includes activities he enjoys.

– Write him a heartfelt letter expressing your love and gratitude.

– Make something special for him on his birthday or another special occasion.

– Inquire about his life passions, interests, and goals, so you can support them in any way you can.

– Purchase one of those small (INEXPENSIVE) gifts that he enjoys, and hide it somewhere in the house without telling him so that when he returns, he will find it.

Use Other Men as Puppets When You Want Something From Him

If you want something from a man and don’t want to ask him directly, you can use other men as puppets. This involves flirting with or even dating other men in order to make the man you’re interested in jealous.

Jealousy is a powerful emotion that can often make people do things they wouldn’t normally do, like give you the money you want.

Just be careful not to go too far with this one, otherwise, you might end up hurting someone’s feelings. So, don’t go too far.

In Conclusion

How to get money from a man without asking? Asking money from men is not that difficult, right? If you follow the advice listed below, you will be able to get all the money you desire from him.

Hope u had all answers to those questions : (How to get a man to give you money (grandma advice) , how to get a guy to give you money (bad girl advice)how to trick a man to give you money, (bad women’s advice), how to get money from a man without asking (easy ways))

Please let me know in the comments if you have any other methods for getting money from a man.

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