How to Write the Best Blog Post (A Step-By-Step Guide)

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How to write a blog post that drives too much traffic?

My first three websites failed, and I learned from my failures to win in this blogging business. The good news is that I have some simple and unique methods for ensuring the success of your blog posts in terms of traffic, social shares, and gaining money as well.

If you want to learn how to write an amazing blog post that drives traffic, then you have to pay attention to this!

Let’s Drive-In :

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New Technics for Writing a Blog Post that Drives Too Much Traffic

Step 1) Research before writing your post

Researching before writing will make your job easier because you won’t need to search for information after writing.
The most important thing about research is finding out what people want or what they’re looking for.

If you know exactly what readers are looking for, then it’ll be easy for you to write a blog post that can meet their needs and expectations.

By doing your research, I recommend that you go look at the high-authority bloggers in your niche and see what they are writing about because many things in this world are the same but written in different ways.

For example, if you are more interested in the SEO niche, I would recommend that you look at the following giant blogs: Backlinko, SEMURASH,neilpatel , ….

Being honest with yourself by observing what they are doing and doing the same thing with different words is not a bad thing in general. The truth is that if you look at successful bloggers and do the same thing with different words, you will get the same results.

Step 2) Choose the right topic

When it comes to writing a good blog post, the first step is to choose the right topic. The right topic is the key to your blog’s success.

Let’s look at the best method for getting the right topic

If you want to have the right topic, be someone who isn’t afraid to disagree with others.

All successful bloggers will tell you that you must have unique ideas and create unique content, but did you know that there is no unique content in the blogging industry. Every niche is competitive.

They all have the same content but are written in different styles. What makes them stand out is their unique style of writing. You can write a blog post on an existing topic, or you can choose to write on an unpopular topic.

If you want to be popular, you need to write on a popular topic that is close to your heart.

In other words, choose your favorite topics as your subject because it’s easier to be passionate about something that comes naturally than something that doesn’t come naturally, and next take the second game to still the big giant of their ideas.

What I learned from this blogging business is not to be afraid to use the same ideas and the same topic.

Step 3) Chose a Title That Inspires Curiosity and Scan Results

You should choose a title that is short and catchy, and that captures your content’s main idea. You should choose a title that scans well, and that makes readers click on it.

When your headline asks a question, readers are more likely to care what you have to say.

Step 4) Plan your structure

  • When it comes to blogging, planning your structure is vital.
  • Make sure your post has a clear beginning, middle, and end.
  • Know what questions you’re going to answer as you write—and know how it will all fit together in one, cohesive package.
  • Choose what kind of writing style or voice you want to employ.
  • And make sure you have an idea of where you’ll promote your content before you even start typing.

Planning out your content ahead of time can save you time later on when it comes time to publish.

5) Write an attention-grabbing headline

Don’t be afraid to look at the first 10 blog posts that are ranking well and getting a lot of shares and see their outline. Those big giants took their time to do all of their research in order to be successful, so don’t be afraid, look at their outline and grab yours from their contents.

I am sure that the technique works because it worked for me after many years of failure. It is not easy to write a post with good content, but you can do it if you try and keep practicing, don’t give up easily.

Use the best tools to see those giants. There are many useful tools on the internet that can help you :

  • SEMrush,
  • Ahrefs,
  • Moz ,
  • ubbsersuggest , …

Remember, the important thing is to look at the first blogs that are ranking well and get some ideas from them. I am not telling you to copy their content, just write a better version of their content with different words, sentences, and paragraphs.

Step 6) Go Beyond Blah Blah by Giving The Reader the Advice They Can Use Immediately

Be authentic – Share your thoughts in a way that is genuine, so they can connect with you on a personal level, don’t get too technical. Stay focused on one topic and don’t ramble. In the end, it’s about providing value for the reader.

Your readers want practical advice they can put into action right away. Remember that most people scan through posts and only read about 25% of them. Keep this in mind when crafting your blog post.

Keep each paragraph short, simple, and to the point with no more than three sentences per paragraph. You’ll make it easier for readers to skim over the content if it’s not cluttered with a lot of text.

You should also avoid using we when writing blog posts because there is no need to involve yourself as if you’re speaking directly to someone (that would be unnecessary). The perfect blog post should be authoritative without coming across as condescending or self-righteous

Step 7) Start strong and finish strong

This is one of my favorite rules to write a blog post: at the beginning, provide something to catch readers’ attention, and then go for the jugular. Basically, your opener should include a statement

(” Most people don’t read every word in an ad or sales letter. What they do is they scan them, so they need a good reason to slow down” by Bob Bly).

One tip for blogging newbies is to add a hook in the beginning – something that draws your readers in and has them clicking for more. This can be achieved by introducing points that readers would find important in your opening paragraph or through numbered or bulleted points, so they can easily scan the opening.

Step 8) Add design elements like images

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Adding visual elements like images to your post not only makes it more interesting, but it can also drive more traffic.

That’s because search engine bots are able to better understand what your page is about when they can see pictures of people, places, or things referenced in your content.

When you add images to a page and use descriptive tags and alt text, those pictures get picked up by Google image search algorithms and end up driving additional referral traffic.

Step 9) Optimize your content

What happens if your beautifully crafted content doesn’t get the exposure you hoped it would? The fact of the matter is that there are over 300 million websites on the internet, and hundreds of millions more pop up every year.

If your content isn’t optimized correctly, it may be difficult to get people to actually read it. How do you ensure that your content will be found when someone searches Google? Remember to optimize your blog post for keywords.

The key to accomplishing this task is to make your content optimized by including keywords and phrases that are related to your industry. Use all tips and tricks to optimize your content to ensure that it generates positive results and allows you to attract more traffic to your site.

Optimizing your content may seem like it will take too long and require an inordinate amount of effort, but it doesn’t have to be that way. When you understand the basic principles of creating optimized content, you can create content with far fewer resources than you might initially imagine

Step 10) Include internal links in your blog post

It is best to include internal links as well as links to other websites. We encourage linking to external websites and you should be doing so with every article you publish on your blog.

Linking within your site not only allows readers to discover new pages of content on your site, but it helps search engines index your website’s new articles.

Bonus Tips for Writing a Killer Post

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11)Keep it simple

Writing skills are developed through practice, and the truth is that you do not have to be a professional to write good content.

Just keep it simple and avoid competing with others. Instead of trying to be like everyone else, focus on your own style and voice. Write about what interests you; if it does not interest you, then no one will find value in your writing either.

If there is no passion behind what you write, then readers will see right through your efforts and skip over your post or move onto something else altogether.

The best way to improve your writing skills is by practicing daily and being consistent. That way, when inspiration hits, you can easily put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) without having any trouble getting started or finding flow within what you’re writing about.

12) Make Your Post Accessible to All Skill Levels

The best way to make your post accessible to all skill levels is to be as clear as possible in your writing. This means not using any difficult words, but instead choosing simpler, more common words that are easier to understand.

You should also avoid making any assumptions about what level of knowledge your reader has in regard to your topic.

For example, if you are a blogger who talks about cooking recipes, don’t assume that everyone will know what a tablespoon or teaspoon is. Instead, you should use units of measurement like cups or tablespoons so that people can understand them more easily.

Making sure that your blog posts are easy to read and understand by all skill levels helps create a better user experience overall!

13) Ask people to take action

The best blog posts provide readers with a clear reason to take the next step. What action do you want your readers to take after they’ve finished reading?

Depending on the situation, your first interaction might involve anything from clicking on a link, downloading an e-book, or filling out a form.

Regardless of the action, it’s best to always ask for a return on the investment. Tell them what you want from them. If you want them to act, then make your desires known!

14) Promote the heck out of it

If you want your content to get in front of as many eyeballs as possible, promotion is an absolute must. And by promotion, we don’t just mean tweeting about it a couple of times and posting on Facebook once or twice.

You need to reach out to bloggers and journalists who can help spread your message; encourage influencers in your space to share their thoughts about what you have written; submit guest posts, take interviews and speak at conferences.

If your industry has a list of media outlets or bloggers who regularly cover topics similar to yours, find out how frequently they publish content—and make sure they know you exist.

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How long should it take to write a blog post?

There’s really no one answer to this question – the time it takes to write a blog post depends on several factors, including your topic, the complexity of your writing, and how much research you need to do.

The answer also varies from person to person; some people are naturally fast writers, while others need more time to get the job done well. No matter what your speed or experience level, though, it’s important to understand why you take as long as you do and what you can do in the future to improve your workflow and get faster results.

Final thought

I think those tips will help you write a good blog post.

To sum up, write about what you know and learn about something that interests you. Publish your work only after you have proofread and edited it.

Let us know what tips you have used in the past, we would love to hear them! We’ll be happy to share our favorite blogs with you as well. Keep this post on hand as you get started on your next one.

Thank you very much for reading, and please do not hesitate to contact me if there is anything else I can do to assist you.

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