Things Women Want in Bed : 10 Secrets No One Will Tell You

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top ten things that women want in bed.

What are the Surprising Things Women Want in Bed? While women have been known to throw around terms like “the best sex of my life” with their partners,

A study has been done on what women want in bed. We spoke to hundreds of men and women about their experiences and preferences and came up with this list of the top ten things that women want in bed.

Women want to have sex just as much as you do (if not more), but sometimes it takes a little longer for them to get warmed up. If you’re at a loss as to how to get her primed and ready for a night of passion, don’t fret—we’ve got your back.

We asked women what they really wanted in bed, and all we can say is: your mind is about to be blown.

Read on for 10 things women want in bed that men have never even thought about. They might just surprise you… in a good way!

Things Women want in bed And Wish Men Knew

What are the Surprising Things Women Want in Bed?

1. Women don’t just want sex

2. Try a new position

3. Leave her satisfied in more ways than one

4. Get creative

5. One of my favorite ways to surprise a woman in bed is by trying a new position

Sometimes it’s an adventurous experience, and other times it’s just a fun position that we haven’t tried in a while—but it’s always fun to mix things up and keep sex exciting. You should always talk about what you want in bed with your partner, but there are still some little surprises along the way that help keep things fresh even after years together.

6. She doesn’t need you to last in bed as long as you think

Some men believe that lasting long in bed is one of the biggest contributions to a satisfying sexual experience for women. But it’s not true

7. Ask her what she wants

We’re not about to reveal all our secrets, but if you ask her what she wants, we bet she’ll tell you. And here’s something else you may not know: She probably has no idea what she wants.

8. Women want in bed to feel desired

It’s simple—and yet, surprisingly, men often forget about it. If you want her to be more willing to open up and say what she wants and give you better feedback when you’re actually in bed together, then focus on making her feel desired and loved every day, especially when you’re not having sex.

Make sure she knows that she’s your world and that no one else compares—because if there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that women definitely don’t think about sex as much as men do!

9. Tell her how much you like what she’s doing

If she’s doing something you really like, such as stroking your thighs with her hands, tell her to keep it up—but also talk about exactly how you like it done. For example, you can say, “Keep stroking my thighs like that.”

Letting her know what you like will not only let her know that you’re enjoying yourself, but it’ll also give you a chance to call out anything specific that turns you on.

8. Give her compliments

A lot of men are scared to compliment their partners because they’re afraid it’ll come off as fake or insincere. But one of our contributing experts points out that there’s no better time to give your partner a sincere compliment than during sex: If you do it at just the right moment, it can have an amazing impact on her. It might be exactly what she needs to take her to another level of excitement.

9. Keep talking dirty

One of the best ways to turn a woman on is to talk dirty. She wants to hear you describe to her in detail what you want to do. She becomes aroused when you begin to describe what you want to do to her.

10. Treat her like a princess before getting into bed

There are many things you can do to improve your sex life. It starts before you even get into bed. Women want to feel loved and desired just as much as men do, so treat her like a princess, buy her gifts, and make her feel sexy in every way possible. That will set up a great environment for getting busy under the sheets!

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