A Sugar Baby Reveals How She Earns $1,000 per Date

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The sugaring lifestyle is my choice, and I love it. For me, a sugar relationship is like a business, where I am willing to give something of value in exchange for money and a luxurious sugaring lifestyle.

To win at my game, I choose sugar dads who can be charged more per date. My requirements are strict, and I only work with married men because they are more private and pay more. 

Why is a married man the best sugar daddy in a sugar relationship

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 Here’s why it’s possible for married guys to be good sugar daddies:

1. Stability with money:

Most married men have a more stable source of income than single men, which makes them more financially safe. The sugar dating lifestyle requires a man to have a better income to care for his sugar baby and his family. This means they are more likely to have the money to meet their sugar babies’ financial needs. They might have steady jobs or businesses that do well, which makes them more likely to give away money.

2. Privacy and discretion:

 Married guys know how important discretion and privacy are and respect sugar relationships. They are likelier to keep the deal secret and their sugar baby’s privacy safe. This privacy of maintaining personal things will make him pay more than others.

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3. Married men may seek a relationship to fulfill emotional needs :

Married men may seek a relationship to fulfill emotional needs that are not being met in their current relationship. This search for companionship and connection can make them more emotionally available; this can be a positive attribute for sugar babies who value closeness and emotional connection. Some sugar babies may also charge more to a sugar daddy who shows emotional investment.

4. Dedication and dependability:

Being married is a sign of dedication and dependability. These guys have promised to stay with their wives, which can lead to a more stable and consistent situation. They might be likelier to keep their word and be reliable sugar dads.

Can a married man be a sugar daddy?

Some sugar dads are married. In my experience, it was better to date a married sugar daddy than a single man.

Why married men choose to be in a sugar relationship

 Many choose to be in a sugar relationship because they love the sugar lifestyle or want something they don’t have in their marriage.

Of course, They have their reasons and know how to treat sugar babies well. 

What sugar daddies like to hear

What does a sugar daddy like to hear? Sugar daddy like hearing what feeds their ego : 

Sugar daddies like to hear what makes them feel important. Some of them want them to know that they are strong or handsome. No matter whether they are or not. 

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