Signs He Wants to Be in a Relationship with You

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Signs He Wants to Be in a Relationship with You

How do you tell whether someone likes you? Are they flirting with you? Or are they just being friendly? Here are 10 signs he wants to be in a relationship with you, so you can be sure of his intentions before you go any further!

You are in the right place if you’re having trouble telling whether your crush wants to be in a relationship with you, it can be hard to figure out where to take the relationship next.

Signs He Wants to Be in a Relationship with You

1. He’s ready to meet your friends

If he’s brought up meeting your friends and family, then he’s probably looking at you as more than just another girl. This is important because it means that he’s starting to get emotionally invested in you and taking you seriously.

Meeting your friends is a big deal, so if he hasn’t done that yet but wants to, chances are high that he likes you. If he hasn’t asked about your weekend plans or how your day went, then there could be something wrong here. If those things seem off-limits for him, then you can take it as an indication that maybe his feelings aren’t as strong for you as they could be.

2. He always wants to spend time on dates with you:

A man who is interested in being with you will make time for dates. There might be some logistical challenges—like work or school schedules—but if he wants to spend time with you, he’ll find a way.

The same goes for meeting up after work or during lunch breaks. If he wants to see you, he’ll find out where you are and what your plans are. Guys who aren’t into spending time together may come up with an excuse why they can’t see you, or they might just not show up at all.

3. He makes time for you in his busy schedule:

Not just when he’s bored or when it’s convenient for him. But he is there when you need him because he wants to show you that you are special to him and that he values you.

When someone makes time for you and cancels other plans, it shows that they enjoy spending time with you.

It’s one of those seemingly insignificant gestures that reveal so much about how much he values your relationship.

4. He wants you to see his friends:

When he invites you out with his friends, it shows that he trusts you and is comfortable enough around you to want your opinion and feedback. If he’s anxious about how your relationship will be received by his friends, then maybe he’s not ready for something serious.

Do note that his desire for you to meet his people is dependent on whether they are going out of their way to get to know you as well; if they aren’t making an effort, they may be subtly conveying that they don’t approve of him dating you.

5. He wanted you to see his family:

Asking you to meet his parents is an important move. That’s one of the major signs that he wants a committed relationship. It means he’s ready for you to be part of his life, and he wants a long-term relationship with you.

6. He doesn’t keep secrets from you:

There’s nothing worse than finding out about something your boyfriend did behind your back. If he’s being open and honest, you won’t have to worry about that. If he shares his thoughts, feelings, and experiences with you—even those things that might be uncomfortable for him—then it means he trusts you. And if he trusts you, then there may be something else growing between you two.

7. He plans fun things with you:

A relationship is about spending time together and having fun. If he does things that you both enjoy and he’s into doing them regularly, it’s another sign that he wants to be in a relationship with you.

It can mean more than just going out for dinner, drinks, or coffee. Maybe he wants to take your dog for walks, pick up food from your favorite restaurant, or go on spontaneous weekend getaways. These are all good signs that indicate he wants to be in a relationship because he’s not trying to keep things casual or on his terms.

8. He shares his thoughts, feelings, and experiences:

If he shares things like his feelings and experiences with you, that’s a good sign that he is interested in being more than friends.

This may sound scary or uncomfortable for you if you’re not used to him sharing personal information, but try not to make it an awkward situation by shutting him down. If he mentions his day, ask him specific questions about what occurred, what made him happy, sad, angry, or whatever; or simply let him tell you whatever he wants.

At least pay attention and be a good listener so that when your chance comes to share something personal, it doesn’t feel like you’re just telling your random story and forcing yourself on someone who doesn’t want to hear it.

9. He always wants to help you:

Asking for your help is another indication of affection. If he helps you out often, even if it’s little things, that’s a great sign that he wants to be closer to you.

If you see him doing things like making sure your car is running well or opening doors for you, keep an eye out and see if he does those same things for other women around him. It could mean he sees you as more than just friends, but if he doesn’t do these sorts of things for anyone else, it might mean he feels more strongly about you than others and wants your attention. Either way, it’s something worth noting.

10. His body language shows interest:

If he’s opening up and showing you genuine interest, his body language will be open and honest as well. Pay attention to what he does when he talks, not just what he says.

Does he lean toward you? Does he take an interest in your life? Is there constant eye contact? If so, then it might be time for you to ask yourself if your feelings are mutual or if it’s time for a change of venue.

signs he loves you

1. Love isn’t just about sex:

If you’re at that stage where you’re wondering if he wants to be in a relationship or is just interested in sleeping with you, it’s likely not about sex. When people say they are not about sex, they mean other things are going on besides sexual attraction and desire (which are only part of what creates an intimate bond).

It might sound cheesy, but love is more than lust. Falling for someone can be powerful and make us feel alive. We might find ourselves daydreaming about them or thinking about them all day long, even though we haven’t seen them in a while.

2. He plans his future with you:

Which sign Signs He Wants to Be in a Relationship with You? A man who wants to be in a relationship with you will discuss his plans with you. Make sure he does not give excuses for why he cannot see you or why you can’t meet his family. If he doesn’t want his parents or friends to know about your plans, then most likely, he is not someone worth having as your boyfriend.

When he talks about meeting each other’s families and planning vacations together, it shows how serious they care about each other and there would be no reason for them not to keep their relationship hidden from others.

3. You will be among his priorities:

No man wants to be dragged around on someone else’s to-do list. If you want a man who is eager and ready for his relationship with you, it makes sense that he should want to put you at or near the top of his priorities.

Instead of making excuses about why he can’t see you because his work or family is more important, make sure that he values your time together as much as you do and takes every opportunity to spend time with you. When communication becomes consistent, trust develops and relationships have hope.

4. signs he wants to be in a relationship with you: He can spend money on you :

Men are always careful about spending their money on dates. If you’re dating someone who can spend lots of money on you, chances are he likes you very much and wants to have a serious relationship with you.

The most obvious sign is when he buys expensive gifts for you without any reservations; even if he buys them not because of their material value but because they’re meant to him, he is already saying that there is something between both of you that is special and worth investing in.

5. He smiles when he looks at you:

It may seem like a silly sign, but it’s an incredibly good indicator of whether someone has genuine feelings for you. If he often smiles, it means that there’s something about you that makes him genuinely happy and fills him with joy.

This can be tough to read from just one or two interactions, so keep an eye out for smiling across multiple occasions. Not only does he enjoy your company and enjoy spending time with you, but he genuinely likes being around you because he enjoys your personality and character, as well as your physical traits.

6. He looks into your eyes:

Long known as a sign of love, staring into someone’s eyes can make us feel more connected and intimate. That’s why it’s common for couples to do it, whether gazing at each other over dinner or lying side by side during an evening stroll.

(Ladies, he might be even more smitten if you make eye contact first.) If your guy frequently looks at you while talking—not only while listening but also while responding—there could be something there. Bonus points if he stares into your eyes the whole time; studies show people tend to do that when they like what they hear.

7. He touches you:

While physical contact might seem insignificant at first, it can be an indicator of much more. For example, if he’s comfortable touching you regularly, that means he doesn’t see you as off-limits. Guys who aren’t interested tend to be much more standoffish and respectful of your personal space.

If he touches you or allows himself to get physical (like leaning on your shoulder) even casually when you are out together—and there aren’t any sexual undertones behind it—then that can be a strong sign that he wants something more than friendship.

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