Top 14 Signs an Aries Man Likes You: He Loves You More

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signs an aries man likes you

What are the signs an Aries man likes you? When an Aries man has fallen in love with you, there are certain signs that will appear, letting you know exactly how he feels about you.

The signs I’ll provide you are the signs an Aries man likes you,

At the end of this post, you will know whether the Aries man loves you or if he is playing a game with you.

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14 signs an Aries man likes you

If you want to make sure that the relationship is moving forward in the right direction and that he’s going to be completely invested in you, then it’s important to pay attention to these 14 signs that an Aries man loves you :

1) He calls you frequently

Want to know if an Aries man is in love with you? Just look at his phone bill. When he’s going strong, he’ll talk to you nonstop—at least one call per day, sometimes more. He listens more than he talks: Listen closely, and you’ll hear him say your name frequently, as well as smile at what you have to say. (He could be falling for you!).

2) He’s interested in what you’re doing

Aries’ men thrive on competition, so if he’s genuinely interested in what you’re doing and following your career, it’s a good sign that he cares about your well-being.

3) He wants to spend time with you alone

While all signs enjoy being with their partners, there is something very special about an Aries man who prioritizes time alone with you. He wants to make sure he has a chance to connect with you and express his emotions. Something is wrong if he isn’t always eager to schedule private time with you.

4) He tries new things to impress you

Most people, especially men, are resistant to change. They’re creatures of habit who enjoy their current routines and may not want to alter their lives for fear of inconveniencing themselves or others. But if your guy is trying new things and getting out of his comfort zone to impress you, that’s a sure sign he wants to keep you around.

5) He takes care of his appearance around you

An Aries man will take care of his appearance because he wants to impress you and make you feel special, so he will look his best in front of you.

6) He asks about your day

Although people from Aries express their love differently from people from Cancer, one thing’s for sure – if he really loves you, he’ll tell you.

He is happy to hear how your day went and wants to know all about it. Even if he did not have much time to spend with you (as sometimes happens when he has to work), just telling him about your day will help him feel connected to you while he is busy at work.
This means even when he’s busy or too tired for date night, he still finds a way to include you.

7) He can sometimes even go out of his way to assist you

If your Aries man notices that you’re in a jam, he will offer his assistance without hesitation. He might even go out of his way to help you, even if it means traveling across town or working late at night for no extra pay. When he does something nice for you without expecting anything in return, that’s how you know his intentions are pure. This also works in your favor; make him feel as if he’s helping you out and doing things for you as much as possible because most men will do so with enthusiasm!

8) His eyes soften when he looks at you

When an Aries man loves you, he’ll look at you in a way that makes your heart skip a beat. Love is sweet torture for him, and his eyes will become soft and gentle as he looks into yours. He’ll touch your face in ways that can make you melt, but before long his hands will reach down to grab yours to pull you closer. It won’t take long before he begins looking at every aspect of your life with a jealous eye as love consumes him and takes over completely.

When an Aries man truly loves you, his jealousy can become downright maniacal, especially if he feels like anyone might be trying to come between him and what belongs to him…namely, you!

9) He compliments your physical features

Even though he’s not afraid to get straight to the point with you, his compliments will be full of sweetness and admiration. He will tell you how beautiful you are, whether it’s your hair or your eyes or your butt that catches his attention. He’ll lavish attention on every inch of your body and make sure you know just how attractive he finds you.

10) He tells his friends he likes you

Unlike other signs, who may hold back until they’re certain of your feelings, Aries will proclaim his love publicly. He’s confident enough to share his feelings—even if he doesn’t know you’ve reciprocated yet.

But don’t think for a second that he doesn’t know what he wants or isn’t going after it in full force. Your crush is too direct and brave to put up a front; unlike many men, he knows exactly what he wants and isn’t afraid to ask for it. Your relationship might be moving quickly but that’s because there’s no time to waste in an Aries man’s life.

11) He’s a gentleman

Even when there are no witnesses around, an Aries man will always hold doors open for you and offer to carry heavy bags.

12) He gets jealous easily

If he finds out that another guy has asked you out on a date or made a move on you, watch out! It means that he loves you deeply and wants to make sure no other guy gets close enough to steal your heart away from him.

13) He doesn’t hide things from you

An Aries man isn’t afraid to show his flaws. He loves being able to share his vulnerabilities with you—even more than sharing positive aspects of himself.

If he’s willing to open up, take advantage of it by getting him to talk about himself and why certain things in his life have happened. This will allow you to get closer while learning more about him at the same time.

14) He observes the things that make you happy

What are the signs an Aries man likes you?

  • He checks on you
  • You’re a priority to him
  • He wants to build a life with you
  • He wants to know everything about you
  • He makes time for you
  • He brings up your future together
  • Spending time with you calms him down
  • When he thinks about the future, it includes you
  • He is jealous when other men pay attention to you
  • His friends love spending time with you

If there’s something that would make you truly happy, but would require him to sacrifice something of his own (like time or money), he won’t hesitate to drop everything else in order for you two to have fun together doing whatever it is. If a guy loves you, nothing can bring him more joy than making sure your life is full of laughter and smiles!

Final Thought (signs an Aries man likes you) :

These signals that an Aries man likes you can clear up any doubts about his feelings for you. He will express his passion for you in a variety of ways, including touching you or telling you how he feels. By gently nudging him, such as putting your hand on his chest when talking to him, snuggling with him on the couch, or sitting next to him at dinner, you may see if he likes you or not.

If there’s one piece of advice we could provide to any woman dating an Aries man, it’s to just be yourself around him because he’ll love you for who you are.