The Top 10 Sexy Games to Play With Your Boyfriend or Husband

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What are the sexy games to play with your boyfriend/husband? “There exists various kinds of sexy games. Our games will leave your boyfriend wanting more, even though he already loves and wants you every minute of every day.

So why wait?

Look at these ten sexy games to play with your boyfriend the next time you spend a night together Or a day!

Sexy games to play with your boyfriend/husband

1. Painting for Pleasure is among the sexy games

When couples paint together, they stay together – or enjoy an artistic afternoon with body paints at the very least. Body paints can be purchased from stores that offer luxury bath products. A boxed set of dark and milk chocolate body paints is available from Kama Sutra.

It’s delicious and sexy to paint each other’s bodies with edible dusting powder and then lick the chocolate off. Use butterscotch, strawberry, caramel, or chocolate syrups to make body paint at home.

2. Guess the item

Put a blindfold on your partner. If you start with a blindfold, you know it will be good! Grab random objects from around the house: a feather, a belt, an ice cube, a rope, whatever you find – it doesn’t have to be sexy. When they’re lying down, trace the item over their skin lightly. The longer it takes them to think and guess, the farther south you trace. There are no losers in this game.

Are you up for a physical? Physical touch to someone is one of the most popular ways to show love and affection. You can learn more about how to stay connected with your partner.

3. Sexy Dice

Planning and thinking are the least important aspects of this game. It’s just a matter of making if you’re crafty, or buying sexy dice. An action on one die should be licking, kissing, massaging, or touching, and a body part should be the chest, back, nose, and ear. With this game, you can spice up your boring sex life by adding foreplay! Play this game to be a thrilling girlfriend!

4. Spin the bottle

It is a very intimate Spin the Bottle game, unlike the one you remember when you were 10.

For this game, you can use a tumbler with a lid and a straw attached or a handle-free cup with a lid. Invent dirty acts you can do to one another. When the “bottle” is spun, whoever lands on it must open it and complete the act. Put sexy action words in the bottle and lie naked on opposite ends to make this game fun. So, when you spin the bottle, if it lands on your boyfriend, you need to open it, pick out an action word, and then do the action on the body part that the bottle pointed to.

5. Truth or Dare

The game is a popular slumber party favorite for teens, but you can make it sexier with your partner. Your imagination is the only requirement!

Write down at least five dares for you and your partner – they can be outrageous or lighten the mood (for example, have your husband wear your sexy bra). You could also get more sensual. You dare me to perform XYZ on you, or you dare me to allow you to do XYZ on you.

As each person throws their piece of paper into the hat, they ask, “Truth or dare?” When your partner replies “truth,” ask a question to which you’ve wanted to know the answer for a long time. It should be provocative and fun. As the game proceeds, consider wearing suggestive lingerie and drinking wine for your enjoyment.

6. Oral Sex

Then read your partner an erotic story (it could be an excerpt from a book you enjoy or something you found online). Although it sounds simple, it plays to your sense of hearing. Additionally, it plays to your sense of delayed gratification. Studies have shown that, for some people, reading or listening to erotic fiction is fascinating more than watching porn. It is easier to imagine ourselves in these situations when we imagine them in our imagination, rather than when we watch them unfold on the screen.

7. Drinking Games

It is much sexier to play relationship games with a bit of alcohol in your system. The same is true for some of these sexy drinking games.

8. Kinky cards

Imagine a deck of cards where each suit represents something naughty. For instance, hearts can mean a massage, spades can mean a kiss, and so on, depending on what you or your partner are comfortable with. Choose a card and, taking turns, have the partner complete the task listed on it for as many seconds or minutes as the card specifies. Choosing four spades, for instance, would mean kissing for four minutes!

9. Role-playing

The popularity of role-playing in the bedroom has a good reason for taking on the role of another person or character. It is as if we are letting go of our identity for a moment and becoming someone else, leaving our baggage and hangups about intimacy and sex behind. Consider discussing with your partner a character you find compelling, and spend some time thinking about how you will bring that person to life. After that, you can role-play to your heart’s content with a sexy scenario that seems plausible in that character’s life. It is best if you both stay in character, which might take some time organizing costumes and setting the scene – think Game of Thrones-style chalices and ripped bodices.

10. Hot and cold are among the sexy games

While kissing, surprise him by passing an ice cube to him from your mouth. He will love the hot and cold sensations! Kiss until the ice cube has melted completely. Afterward, you can try some sweet hard candy. It doesn’t have to be a chore to play hot and cold.

Final words (Sexy Games)

All the above games you can enjoy playing with your husband or boyfriend depending on your relationship. You can accommodate things according to the requirements and live your relationship successfully.