Good Night Messages to My Lover: The Best Messages for You

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Good night messages to my lover ( More Messages )

1. I have such sweet memories of you, Darling. Do you know how much I prayed for you?

2. You already know I love you and will take care of you for the rest of my life; I have nothing else to say to you this night-Good night, love.

3. I want to love you and be with you for the rest of my life. Have a peaceful sleep.

4. Have a blessing night my sweet potato ☺

5. Good night baby, my love, I wish we were together.

6. Have a pleasant evening. Take a deep breath, and I’ll see you tomorrow.

7. Good night, my love; you have no idea how much I adore you. thank you for making my life beautiful

8. Good night, my love. I will be back in the morning.

9. I wish you a wonderful night, my love, and I can’t wait to see you in the morning.

10. sleep tight like a baby . looking forward to see you in the morning.


Good night message for her

Sleep well, my love:

11. Let us say goodnight, my love. Let me know when you are coming home.

12. Good night Darling. Don’t forget me tonight.

13. Good night my love, sleep tight.

14. I wish you to have the sweetest dream.

15. Good night, lovely girl.

16. Have a lovely night’s rest with my umbrella, I miss you already.

17. On this lovely night, I wish I could be in your arms and fall asleep.

18. I send you the cutest cuddle and the warmest snuggle. Sleep well, darling.

19. A lovely and restful night to you, my love.

20. Good night, sweetie. I wish I could be on your arm, kissing you now.

Good night sweet dreams


21. I want to run all your bad dreams away from you and send you a good dream. Sweet dreams, darling.

22. I am lucky to have an amazing person on my side. Sleep well, sweetheart.

23. Good night, sweet potato, and have a lovely dream.

24. Good night honey, beautiful girl. Sweet dreams and peaceful rest.

25. A perfect night, darling. I miss you so much.

26. Good night, sweet lady.

27. Good night sweetie. The eyes appear to be stars.

28. Good night, my love. What would life be without you?

29. Good night, my love. Have a great sleep and think about me.

30. Sleep well, darling. I love you and I will love you forever.

Sweet goodnight text for her

I know you’re asleep, but text messages for her

31. Have a lovely night, beautiful lady. I am sending you the sweetest kisses.

32. Life is beautiful with you, and having you is more than anything. Good night, my beloved.

33. You are an amazing partner. I miss you already. Have a lovely, dreamy night.

34. My heart, good night, thinking about you.

35. Good night, my sweetheart. You mean a lot to me.

36. I thank God for having you. Good night, my honey.

37. I have a good reason to love you, and I will love you forever. Sleep well, my little baby.

38. I want to wish my angel a warm night. Who is that beautiful angel? You know, I love you.

39. Good night, my love. Life has meaning for you.

40. Good night, my love. I want to hold you for the rest of my life.

Good night messages to my lover ( Other messages for you )

41. nice dreams, beautiful woman; I miss you a lot.

42. Good night and have a sound sleep, my love. Are you…?

43. Good night and sweetest dream, my love. Come back to me soon.

44. Good night, my love, and take good care of yourself.

45. sweet dream, my love. Stay with me all night long.

46. Please don’t go to bed, beautiful. don’t leave me alone tonight.

47. Good night sweet and beautiful dream. I love you very much.

48. Good night sweetheart. May God bless you.

49. Have a good night girl. I am sure that you dream about me.

60. Good night and pleasant dreams. Keep me in your thoughts. Much love

61. Good night, my love. Think about me often.