The Poor Are Voiceless In Society (2023)

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“Being poor is challenging; sometimes, we put on a happy face and hide our suffering, but we experience abuse and violence on the inside.” – Aduhire Sylvie

In this world of wealthy people, we are all speechless

I was born poor and saw the difference between poor and rich in my childhood.
We feel lonely, we feel sometimes rejected, and we are treated foolishly. The rich people ignore us and treat us sometimes as clumsy, we try to put a smile on our faces, but the suffering always remains in our hearts.

A poor person has no voice in front of the world; even if a poor person says something true, the rest of the world will try to change it or pretend it was told to them by someone else.
So while you try to be strong and overcome poverty, it will be too difficult to be understood by the wealthy and the rest of the world.


What can we do to stop this violence? Comment below to share with me what you think


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