The 5 Harsh Truths About Men’s Desires? (2023)

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Are you ready to discover the truth about men’s desires? Some of the things men want are not always what we expect. 

 This blog post will explore the four harsh truths about men’s desires and discuss why understanding these truths is so essential for any relationship. 

We’ll look at why men have these desires and how understanding them can help both men and women in their relationships. So, let’s dive in and uncover the 5harsh truths about men’s desires.

Here are five shocking hidden men’s desire 

men's desire

He Doesn’t Want the Good Girl

 That has been a hot topic for years. The question that women have been asking themselves for centuries is: what do men desire?

We’ve all heard the stereotypes. Men desire someone beautiful, intelligent, funny, and great personality. But the truth is, men, don’t want just one perfect woman. 

They want these five things from you instead

1. men want a selfish lady

Have you seen how men are drowning crazy about the girls we call selfish, sometimes bitch? Men make us crazy; if you try to be an adorable girl, you find yourself alone, crying.

2. Men are crazy about women who value themselves

Remember, a relationship is about giving and taking. If you give to a man too much, he will not appreciate it; he will take you for granted.

3. Men want someone who makes them feel appreciated.

 It’s a simple fact; men want to feel appreciated. They want to know that you value them and their contributions to the relationship. Whether through compliments or simple “thank you,” men want to feel like their efforts are recognized and respected.

4. Men want someone confident.

Confidence is a huge turn-on for men. They want someone who knows what they want, is comfortable in their skin, and can hold their own in any situation. A confident woman is desirable, and men want someone confident in themselves and their relationship—no need to look like a dummy. Just your security is enough to make him crazy.

5. Men want what they can’t have

Men want to put the effort to get what they have . They want a woman who is not always available to him, who has a life and can sometimes put some distance to let him work a bit.

 Thank you, and let me know in a comment if you have some other men’s secrets to share with us

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