How To Make Your Man Feel Loved And Appreciated

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How To Make Your Man Feel Loved And Appreciated

How To Make Your Man Feel Loved And Appreciated In a Relationship?

How To Make Your Man Feel Loved And Appreciated? Do you ever wonder why some guys seem to get along better with women than others? Maybe it’s because she has a knack for making him feel special.

How To Make Your Man Feel Loved And Appreciated ? If you want to Make Your Man Feel Loved And Appreciated, then you need to learn how to give him the attention he deserves.

Have you ever asked yourself these questions? :

  • How do you make a man feel valued and appreciated?
  • How do I make my boyfriend feel more loved?
  • How do I make my boyfriend feel loved by words?
  • What should you say to a man to make him feel special?
  • How do you make a man feel respected?
  • How does a man feel loved?
  • What should you say to a man to make him feel loved?
  • How do you make someone feel special in a relationship?
  • How To Make Your Man Feel Loved And Appreciated in a romantic relationship

In this article, I’m going to give you some tips on how to Make Your Man Feel Loved And Appreciated in a romantic relationship.

Easy Way To Make Your Man Feel Loved And Appreciated

How To Make Your Man Feel Loved And Appreciated

1. Identify his Primary Love Language

Use The 5 love languages to strengthen your relationships and make him feel special.

Chapman, G. D. (2010). The five love languages. Walker Large Print.

the five love languages are: Words of affirmation, Quality Time, Receiving Gifts, Acts of Service, and Physical Touch.

How Love Languages Benefit Relationships?

These five love languages are very important because they tell us how we should express our love to others. We all know that when we get gifts from our partners, we feel super inside.

But sometimes we don’t want to receive gifts. So, we can learn how to make him feel special without giving him anything.

Words of affirmation (First Love Language)—this means saying things like “I love you,” “You are so beautiful,” “I am proud of you,” etc. This will help him feel loved and appreciated.

Quality time (second love language): This means spending quality time together doing activities he enjoys, whether it’s going out for dinner, watching a movie, playing video games, etc.

In addition, let him know you enjoy spending time with him as well.

Receiving gifts ( the third love language): Gifts mean a lot to him, and he always wishes for them on special occasions. He feels great on the inside when he receives a gift. It also shows your concern for him.

The fourth love language is acts of service. This means doing things for him, expecting nothing in return. He will feel loved and appreciated when you take care of him.

The fifth love language is physical touch. This means touching him physically.

He feels loved and cared for when you touch him. This also applies to people who have happy marriage and relationships in their daily lives.

2. Romantic Relationship

Romantic relationships are great ways to make a man feel special.

When you date, you both share many things together. Like going on dates, watching movies, having dinner, etc. These activities are fun and exciting for most people. However, if you get bored with these things, then you should try other ways to make him happy.

They are different romantic gestures that you can use To Make Your Man Feel Loved And Appreciated like:

Massage Him To Make Him Feel Loved And Appreciated
  • taking him out for a nice dinner,
  • buying him flowers,
  • buying his favorite candy,
  • sending him text messages,
  • making his favorite dessert,
  • giving him a glass of water,
  • opening a bottle of wine and drinking it together,
  • Go on a bike ride together
  • buy him a new pair of shoes or clothes
  • Email him telling him what you think about him
  • write a poem for him,
  • give him a massage,
  • spend time with him talking about his feelings,
  • play a game with him,
  • read books to each other,
  • watch a romantic movie together,
  • Do something adventurous together,
  • Play sex game
  • make him breakfast in bed
  • cook him dinner.
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Most of the time, even your simple gesture can make his day.

Marriage experts reveal that a romantic gesture can be something small or big. It depends on what kind of mood you are feeling. And that will bring a beautiful love life into your life, and your life story will have some wonderful memories.

  • You can surprise him also by doing something unexpected, like buying him a fresh shirt or sending him a sweet text message.

A family therapist and a marriage counselor advise on using body language in order to maintain a romantic relationship regularly.

  • For example, you could send him a message through Facebook or Instagram, asking him how he feels about you. Or write him a letter and put it under his pillow.

Sending him a sweet message through social media sites is a great idea as well.

It shows that you share everything with him and that it contributes to his relationship satisfaction.

  • Care about him, even though you are busy

3. Spend Quality Time Together

How To Make Your Man Feel Loved And Appreciated

Spending quality time together is one of the best ways to make a man fall in love with you again.

When you are spending quality time together, you are talking to each other, listening to each other’s problems, and sharing your feelings and thoughts with each other. This way, you two can understand each other better and you can also build a strong bond between you. All of this contributes to his relationship satisfaction.

Many married men or dating want to know what they can do to make their wives happy. By spending quality time together, they will get to know each other and understand their desires in a relationship. What if you don’t let him spend quality time with you? Your relationship will suffer as a result, and he will not feel loved and appreciated.

In addition, when you spend quality time together, you get to know more about each other. You learn more about your partner’s likes and dislikes, personality traits, and habits. You also learn more about your partner’s dreams and goals.

4. Make Him Feel Special By Performing Small Acts of Kindness

We all need to be kind to others daily. We must treat everyone with dignity and kindness.

Kind acts of kindness include holding doors for him, smiling at him, and assisting him with their groceries or bags.

Being kind to him shows that you have a good heart, and you care about him.

They also make you appear friendly and approachable to him.

Being kind will show to him you care about him and you will also always be there for him.

So be Joyful And Smile, He is the most significant person in your life. If he is happy, you will be as well.

So remember to smile at him every day, try to laugh with him when you’re around him. You can accomplish this by saying amusing things or cracking jokes.

It will make you feel more relaxed and at ease around him.

Also, if you see him depressed, try to cheer him up. Please say something nice to him.

For example, if he does something wrong, say “I’m sorry.” If he has done something wrong, tell him how much it hurts you. This will show him you genuinely care about him.

Also, if he needs to speak with someone, ask him if he wants to speak with you. This will allow you to listen to him without interrupting him. And those actions of kindness will Make Your Man Feel Loved And Appreciated.

5. Show Appreciation for His Efforts

Appreciating your partner is another way to make him feel special and loved.

You don’t have to do anything fancy; just express how grateful you are for everything he does for you.

He’ll appreciate it more if you tell him what you’re thankful for. Before you tell him how grateful you are for everything he has done for you, consider whether you truly mean it.

If you want to express gratitude to someone who has done something nice for you, express how much you appreciate them by saying thank you. Appreciating the efforts of others is an excellent way to show respect.

6. Pay attention to him

Listening to your partner is another effective way to make him feel loved and appreciated, says a sex therapist.

Listening to your partner is the best way to know what he wants from you. In order to listen to him, you need to pay attention to his words.

When you listen to him, you are letting him know you care about him and value his opinion. So, next time he talks to you, listen patiently.

Each of us desires to be desired “Laurie Watson, host of Foreplay: Radio Sex Therapy, agrees. “Remember, listening encompasses more than speaking.

DelGiudice recommends you practice active listening, which requires the listener to focus completely on what is being said, comprehend it, respond appropriately, and then recall it.

Paying attention to him will assist you in determining what he enjoys the most. Attending to him shows an interest in what he has to say. And when you show interest in what your partner has to say, you will communicate with him effectively.

7. Never Allow Him to Go Hungry

Men love food! They prefer to eat it when they are hungry.

Most women, however, overlook the fact that their husbands must eat as well.

  • You can prepare something delicious for him to eat.
  • You could also make him some snacks or drinks.

Just keep in mind that your man needs to eat as well, so don’t forget about his stomach.

You should try to do these things daily.

8. Be Yourself

You may not realize it, but men value women with distinct personalities. They want to see women who are self-assured and at ease with themselves. This means you should never change yourself just to make him like you more.

Don’t act like someone else. Don’t pretend to be more mature than you are. You must always be true to yourself. It’s true that we all wish we could change our personalities, but it’s important to remember that you must always be yourself.

9. Compliment him.

Compliments are effective tools for making a man feel loved. It may appear to be insignificant, but relationship experts advise complimenting your partner whenever he makes a slight gesture to show you love.

A simple compliment suffices to establish an emotional connection between you.

You can compliment your partner by saying something like:

  • “You look beautiful today,


  • “I am so proud of you.”

When you compliment your partner, you are not only telling him you love him, but you are also telling him he looks handsome or pretty.

Compliments help you get close to your partner. It will help you develop a good relationship with your partner.

When you compliment him, make sure you mean it. Then you should compliment him, expecting nothing in return.

In fact, you shouldn’t even expect him to respond. Just compliment him sincerely.

And he’ll probably appreciate it.

  • Appreciate his work ethic.
  • Appreciate the way he speaks.
  • Appreciate his parenting style.
  • Appreciate his ability to manage.
  • Appreciate his strength.
  • Compliment him on his appearance.
  • Compliment him on his personality:
  • Compliment him on his intelligence, and on anything that he does well.

Then try to get him to share his opinion. Ask him questions and listen to what he has to say.

Make sure you don’t compliment him all the time; that would come across as fake. Instead, compliment him once in a while. Like after he does something nice for you, or when you notice something positive about him. For example, if he is really helpful around the house, you could say.

“Thanks for taking care of everything today.”


“Thank you for making dinner tonight.”


“Your cooking skills are amazing!”

Don’t forget to add a smiley face at the end; men love smiling faces. Smiling faces tell them you’re happy to see them.

If you want to make him feel loved, make sure you compliment him now and then.

10. Give him space

Giving him space means giving him room to breathe. It’s important to allow your guy to do whatever he wants to do. Because guys need freedom.

Guys need to express themselves freely. If you take away his freedom, he won’t be able to live up to his potential. So always give your guy space. And remember, guys hate being controlled, so don’t force him into situations where he doesn’t want to be.

For example, if he enjoys watching football games but you don’t, it’s better to stay home than watch football with him. Or if he loves going to the movies but you don’t, it is much better to stay home instead of going to the movie with him.

11. Be truthful with Him

Honesty is an essential part of every relationship. Honesty helps you communicate well with your partner. Being honest with your partner is one of his favorite things.

He likes to see your positive side, and he loves to hear your negative side as well. By being honest with your partner, you are making him feel special.

When you are honest with your partner, you are telling him you trust him, and you are letting him know you respect him. This makes him feel more confident, but don’t lie to your partner. Lying comes across as fake. And it hurts your relationship.

12. Don’t Take His Side In Arguments

While disagreements are unavoidable in any relationship, arguing over small matters is not worth it.

Keep in mind that men are emotional creatures. They to have feelings.

The manner in which you argue with him easily harms him.

Therefore, if you wish to keep him around, avoid taking his side in disagreements.

Do not win an argument solely based on your anger.

If you truly desire to win, employ logic and reason rather than anger.

13. Act as if your partner is the most important person in the world.

Another way to make your partner feel special is by treating him like he is the most important person in the world.

When he feels this way, he will be more likely to show you love, he will be more open to listening to you, and he will be more willing to help you out. Always try to put him first and give him full attention.

14. Let him know you want to spend time with him alone

Letting your partner know you want to spend some quality time together alone is another way to make a man fall head over heels for you.

When you do this, your partner will feel valued, and he will feel more attracted to you. He will start thinking about you all day long.

Tell him how much you love him. Make sure you tell him often.

15. Support him

Your boyfriend needs to know that you are there for him. He needs to know that you have faith in him.

You can help him by being there for him when he is going through a difficult time.

How To Make Your Man Feel Loved And Appreciated

You can also do this by showing interest in what he does, such as by asking him questions about his job or conversing with him about his hobbies.

This shows that you care about him and are curious about who he is. Make him chuckle. Laughter spreads like wildfire. People become closer because of it.

If he is not feeling good about himself, don’t change him or fix him.

It will only make things worse.

Instead of trying to fix him, try to understand why he feels bad about himself.

And then help him improve his self-esteem.

This is what I call “fixing” someone instead of helping them.

You can do it by asking questions like:

  • What are you proud of?
  • What makes you happy?
  • Where do you see yourself in five years?
  • Or just listen to him talk about his dreams and goals.

He might have something that he wants to achieve but doesn’t know how to go about doing it.

So ask him if he has any ideas for achieving those goals.

Then offer to help him figure out how to get there. Remember, men love being helped.

They want to feel needed and wanted. And they also want to feel useful.

So when you help them feel useful, they’ll feel more valuable.

16. Look your best

how to look hot for your crush

Do you want to impress your husband with your appearance? If so, attempt to look your best for him.

It is important that you are well-groomed and dressed appropriately for the occasion. For example, if you are going out on a date or attending a party, then you should wear something that makes you feel confident and beautiful.

Dress in clothes that fit properly and flatter your body type. Also, avoid wearing clothing that is too revealing or shows off too much skin. You don’t have to be modest all the time, but you need to be careful about what you wear when you’re around your partner.

Make sure you exude confidence and beauty. Try not to overdo things by wearing makeup or accessories that draw attention away from your face. Instead, focus on enhancing your natural features.

If you’re feeling self-conscious about your looks, ask someone else to take a picture of you. This can help you see yourself objectively.

Be aware of your surroundings. If you notice people are staring at you, try not to get upset. It’s better to ignore them than to let their comments affect you.

Try not to compare yourself to others. Your appearance is unique to you, and no one else has the same body as you do.

If you’re looking for some classy rules to ensure that you always look sexy and classy towards your husband, follow these tips.

These guidelines will assist you in appearing beautiful and attractive to him.

1) You should know that the best way to get a guy’s attention is by looking into his eyes.

2) Try not to talk too much with your crush; keep it brief and to the point.

4) Don’t wear tight clothes that show off your body, but opt for loose-fitting clothing that shows off your curves.

5) Keep in mind that men admire women who are self-assured and have a great sense of style.

6) Always remember to smile!

7) when you walk around, hold yourself up straight and tall.

8) Don’t forget to look after yourself.

9) If you feel the need to change something about yourself, do it.

10) if you think you’re ugly, chances are he does too.

11) Don’t compare yourself to other girls.

12) guys like girls who are smart and funny.

13) If you’re feeling down, try to find some fun things to do with

17. Gifts are always welcome

Giving gifts to your partner is one of the easiest ways to make him feel loved and appreciated

.When you buy gifts for your partner, you are showing your care for him. Also, when you gift your partner, you are telling him you love him and appreciate his effort.

When you give gifts to your partner, you show him you want to spend time with him. Giving gifts to your partner is also an easy way to make him feel special and happy.

But remember not to overdo it. You don’t want to appear as if you’re trying too hard. So, choose only those gifts that mean something to you.

Gift Ideas To Make Your Man Feel Loved And Appreciated

  • Give him a perfume (make sure it’s the same one he’s wearing).
  • Give him a nice tie: a trendy tie made of a delicate fabric.
  • A high-quality key ring
  • He will adore warm winter pajamas.
  • Stylish sunglasses from a well-known brand.
  • Flowers – They last longer than other plants.
  • Chocolate – He will enjoy it.
  • Wine – It’s a great way to show you care.
  • Candy – Sweet treats always taste better.
  • Music – He’ll appreciate hearing music he likes.
  • Tickets – Show him where you’d like to take him.
  • Jewelry – He’ll treasure
  • Buy a thoughtful card
  • Create a romantic playlist for when they come home from work or just to make them feel loved and appreciated.
  • Shoes – He’ll love wearing them.

Grandma’s Secret to Making Him Feel Loved and Appreciated

Grandma Secret To Make Him Feel Loved and Appreciated

Men are like children; they will be happy with something simple if it is done with love. The importance of showing them how much you care for and respect them cannot be overstated.

To make them happy, don’t exaggerate; instead, play with the noun a little to make things easier. He will be pleased with:

  • little things
  • small things 
  • small ways 
  • small gestures 
  • small acts .

It’s your turn to play if you want to make him feel loved and appreciated.


Making your man feel valuable is all about having healthy relationships, spending quality time with him, romantic relationships, physical touch, physical affection, resolving relationship issues, couple activity, simple love gestures, having romantic ideas, thinking about him from time to time, undivided attention, displays of affection, knowing his primary love languages, romantic gestures, sexual attractions, make time for him always, simple compliment is also important to make him feel loved and appreciated, and pay attention to your physical appearance.

If you follow the tips above, you can win his affection and make him feel special in a relationship.