How to Make Money From My Car?

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how to make money with your car

Alex, a Full-Time Student, Makes $5000 Monthly by Using His Car

How to make money with your car? Yesterday, I had an incredible experience meeting Alexis, a full-time student who earns $5000 per month by using his car. In this article, he will share some simple ways to earn money using your car, as a student or anyone who can spare 2 hours daily. Now, let’s hear from Alexis.

How to make money with your car

When I started college, I wanted to be independent and not rely on my parents. I moved to a different city and began looking for a student job. However, I only knew where to start once I met a good friend making money with his car. One day, I asked him to help me find a job, and he responded, “Bro, I can teach you how to earn money with your car.” At that time, I had an old car that my dad had given me for my 18th birthday.

From then on, I followed my friend’s lead and worked together. We studied full-time, and by working only two hours a week, we could earn 5000 monthly. 

As a full-time student, the easiest way to make money with your car is to become a fast-food or grocery delivery driver, deliver packages, or advertise your car with a car advertising company.

1. Fast Food and Groceries Delivery Drivers

Some people prefer to avoid visiting supermarkets or restaurants. With the convenience of smartphones, it is now easy to purchase items online and wait for them to be delivered. Have you considered offering your services as a delivery person for those needing food or grocery items?

Several popular apps, such as Uber Eats and DoorDash, connect grocery stores, restaurants, supermarkets, and drivers to meet this need. This constant demand from drivers allows delicious meals delivered right to customers’ doors. The best part is that you can choose your hours, making it easy to fit around your busy class schedule.

The process of delivering fast food and groceries is quite simple :

  • Sign up for a food delivery app, 
  • Do registration and background checks, and you’re good to go! 
  • Now, you can start making money. You can choose to accept or reject delivery requests based on your schedule. 
  • The app will let you know when there are requests in your area.


 The flexibility: If you have a long break between classes, you can CHECK the app during that time. You can also work evenings or weekends when more service requests may occur. You are in charge of your whole plan, which lets you study first and make money simultaneously.

 There is no special equipment you need:  All you need is a reliable car, a legal driver’s license, and insurance. Plus, most delivery apps give you clear directions and help with navigation, so you don’t have to worry about getting lost or confused on the job.

 This job gives you freedom, the chance to earn tips and to see different parts of your city.

2. Deliver Packages

 Here are the steps to becoming a package delivery driver:

1. Do some research and pick a package delivery service :

Many companies, such as Amazon Flex, UPS, and FedEx, offer package delivery. You should look into each company and compare their needs, pay rates, and hours to find the best one.

As soon as you’ve picked a package delivery service, ensure you meet all the requirements to become a driver. Some of these are having a valid driving license, a good driving record, and a car. 

2. Registration: 

To work as a driver for the company, go to their website and sign up. You’ll have to give personal information like your name, address, and ways to reach you. Before you can start carrying packages, you may also need to complete some paperwork and sign some agreements.

3. training sessions :

 Some package delivery services may require you to attend training sessions or take online courses to ensure you understand how the delivery process works and the company’s rules. Make sure you’re ready for the job by getting any needed training.

4. Get your delivery jobs:

 You’ll start getting delivery jobs as a package delivery driver when ready to work. When you get these assignments, they usually come with specific instructions, addresses, and information about the packages you need to send. You may also have an app or handheld scanner to track goods and ensure they made it.

3. A car advertising company can put ads on your car

Did you know you can earn money in a unique and fun way by working with a car advertising company? For instance, my car has two beautiful photos of women wearing the best bikinis and enjoying life by the swimming pool. I don’t know these women, but I am making money by advertising that swimming pool in my car.

If you want to maximize your earnings with car advertising firms, consider these tips:

1. Pick companies with a good name and reasonable pay.

2. Make the most of your advertising area by keeping it clean and easy to see.

3. Drive in places with a lot of traffic to get more attention.

4. Look and act professionally and politely at all times.

5. To keep correct income records, keep careful records of your mileage and earnings.

Conclusion :

Full-time students with access to a car have additional opportunities to supplement their income.
Placing adverts on your car, driving packages, and making deliveries are all excellent methods to make money with your car.

You should look at different ways to use your car for business to discover a flexible choice that works around your busy class schedule.

If you put in the time and effort, you can make money with your car while also getting good grades. Take advantage of this opportunity to boost your income and make your car a financial success instrument.

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