10 steps to Make Money on Pinterest: A Beginner’s Guide

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make money on pinterest  

Is it still possible to make money on Pinterest these days?

Making money on Pinterest with the appropriate plan is still possible. I’ve been a Pinterest marketer for almost ten years and can confirm that gaining money on Pinterest is still possible.

Creating the pins and tagging your blog can generate traffic to our blog, and you know that traffic is money; you can make money by targeting your e-commerce to your Pinterest pins, and you can make money by linking your pins to your affiliate links, and so on.

So, How to make money on Pinterest: At the end of this article, you will get all the tips to earn money on Pinterest. 

How to make money on Pinterest

Pinterest is used by those who are looking for inspiration.

Suppose you own an e-commerce site that specializes in selling women’s outfits. Pinterest might be a helpful platform for displaying your products.

 Creating beautiful pictures of your clothing and accessories will attract potential buyers looking for inspiration. 

Because the images are so nice, women looking for clothing may be more likely to click on them and ultimately buy something. 

Pinterest can be a helpful platform for showing products for the businesses described above that sell women’s dresses online. Creating appealing Pins for their clothing and accessories can catch the attention of potential buyers. So, adopting Pinterest can help you enhance your brand’s profile and increase sales.

10 steps to Earn Money on Pinterest as a Beginner

1) Send Pinterest Traffic to your blog

1.1. Create a blog

  • Creating a blog
  • Once your platform is up and running, you can direct Pinterest users to it. This way, your blog readers or clients can view your content, products, or services, which can help you earn more money.

Your blog will help you to establish your online presence and build credibility with your audience. It provides a centralized location to direct your Pinterest traffic.

1.2. Write Original, Useful Content

To get people to read your content and keep them reading, you need to make sure it is original and valuable. People will stay on your blog longer and keep returning for more if the information is interesting. 

You should ensure your Pinterest content is valuable and exciting if you want to earn money from your Pinterest account. 

1.3. Create a Pinterest business account

 You can reach more people and promote your goods better with a business account because it gives you access to valuable features.

You can add boards and pins to your business account once set up. To get your ideal customers to visit your boards, ensure they are related to your niche and include interesting details.

People may visit your blog often if you pin your content. 

Sharing helpful content from other people helps your audience trust you and believe in you.

1.4. Create Engaging Pinterest Pins

How to Make the Perfect Pinterest Pin:
  • Use the best image with the highest resolution, 
  • add the best title, and optimize your pins with relevant keywords. 
  • include a well-optimized description 
  • add the appropriate link to your pin 

2) Send People to Your E-commerce website

If you have an e-commerce store, the next step to making money on Pinterest is to send people to your store. You can showcase and sell your products or services directly to your Pinterest audience.

How to send Pinterest traffic to your e-commerce store :

 When creating a pin, include a call-to-action that encourages users to click through to your e-commerce. This can be as simple as adding a line like “Click here to shop now” or “Discover more on our website.”

  • In addition to optimizing your pins, strategically place your e-commerce website link in your Pinterest bio and pin descriptions. This way, whenever someone views your profile or clicks on a pin, they have a direct pathway to your eCommerce site.
  • Another effective way to send people to your eCommerce site is to participate in Pinterest group boards. By joining relevant group boards and sharing your pins, you can tap into a larger audience and increase the chances of driving traffic to your website.

3) Sell Things directly on Pinterest

Utilize buyable pins. These pins allow users to purchase products directly from Pinterest without leaving the platform. By enabling buyable pins, you streamline the buying process for users, making it more likely for them to complete a purchase.

Affiliate partnerships can be a great way to make money on Pinterest as a newbie. By partnering with other businesses or individuals, you can earn a commission for every sale or referral you generate through your affiliate links. 

  • To promote your affiliate links on Pinterest, create pins that showcase your products or services. 
  • Use compelling images, write enticing descriptions, and include your affiliate link in the pin’s destination URL. 
  • Create dedicated boards or sections on your Pinterest profile to feature your affiliate products or services.
  • Evaluate and analyze the performance of your affiliate partnerships. Track the clicks, conversions, and earnings you generate through your affiliate links to determine the most effective partnerships. 

5) Run paid ads

Consider running ads to promote your blog or e-commerce website, affiliate links, etc. With Pinterest ads, you can reach a larger audience and target users based on their interests and online behavior. By creating and running ads strategically, you can generate targeted traffic to your website and boost your chances of making sales.

how to make money on pinterest