Doing Keyword Research in 2023

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How to do keyword research in 2023? Are you aware of why winners in online businesses become richer and losers leave the market? Why do the greatest digital marketers and SEO specialists encourage you to choose a non-competitive niche and leave their market?

If so, this is the article for you. It will answer all of your questions.


This post is for bloggers who have failed, who own a new internet business, or who have made a loss in this online business.

If you run a successful online business, this is not the place for you.

  • Have u seen that only a small minority of online businesses are successful, but their wealth is increasing?
  • Have you noticed that many bloggers are suffering or gaining little because they try to be unique? If you are a blogger or starting an online business today, the new approach to success is to imitate the keywords of the top winners in your area.

Who knows, maybe you’ll compete with him and take his place; no one knows how Google bots or other search engines work, don’t be afraid

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Why is it important to have the right keywords?

  • Keyword Research helps you get into the mind of your consumers, to find out what they are actually doing and thinking, which will ultimately help you build your business, product, or service.
  • By in mind that keywords play a huge role in your products or your articles are seen in the search engines, With the right method and approach, keyword research can be invaluable to your goals and company growth in 2023 and beyond.

If you failed with your business or want to start, this article will give you the best method to do your keyword research and the best tools for keyword research to use.

Here is the new keyword research strategy for 2023!

At this time, it’s extremely difficult to start an online business and to be visible on search engines. Every business wants to be seen and to have free traffic for search engines, however :

  • What are the best keyword research strategies ?
  • How do the big giants do their research and analysis?
  • Does anyone have any successful tips for keyword research ?

Do not worry if you have failed in the past or are just starting your business; I will show you some new techniques I used to succeed after many failures.

In order for your business to be successful, if you desire money, there is no other option than following this strategy.

Step1: Don’t follow the big giants’ advice:

To this moment, doing keyword research is really difficult. Many SEO professionals will advise you to go for non-competitive keywords and search for terms that are not competitive, but I see that this is no longer a viable option.

The best option is to fight with the winners by doing what they are doing. Don’t be afraid, maybe you can be better than them.

The term fighting sounds a little bit scary, so go and steal their keywords, that’s the own way to be successful.

If your keyword research is focused on no competitive keywords, you can be certain that those subjects will not have many clients watching them.

Successful marketers will tell you to be unique and utilize non-competitive keywords because they do not want you to compete with them. But for them, it’s as simple as using highly competitive keywords with high search traffic; try to do the same thing they did.

Step 2: Collect and analyze the competitive keywords in your niche

There is no other option except to steal the huge giants who are succeeding. So look at the first 10 competitors in your niche and analyze the keywords they are using that bring too much traffic and collect them.

For example: If you are an expert in Vegan Recipes and want to establish a business in this niche, the simplest approach to do your keywords is to go to Google and type in” Vegan Recipes “.

Take a look at the top 10 articles that are rising to the top, read them, and see what products they are promoting.

Step 3: Use the free tools for keyword research

Choose one competitor who has similar ideas to yours, then use free keyword research tools to determine which keywords are highly competitive and bring in a lot of traffic. Don’t be afraid of the competition; it will help you become the best like him.

Step 4: Create something similar to him in different ways, using all of his winning keywords.

Don’t be afraid to use all the keywords that the big giant used; I’m not telling you to replicate the same thing;

  •  Just build the similar in different words(if it’s an article); use all the keywords he used, and make a better version
  • If it’s a product, make something similar and make it better than he did.

Final Thoughts

Keyword research is important, and the strategy described above is the most effective.
Stealing the winners’ keywords is the only way for new bloggers or online entrepreneurs to succeed. Please let me know in the comments the method you used before.

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