Is blogging difficult? 5 Shocking Truths About Bloggers

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is blogging difficult

Is blogging difficult? Blogging can be a bit challenging. Any blogger will tell you that if you want an effective blog, it requires some time and effort. On the other hand, though, there are downsides to running your own business from home with few coworkers to help.

Blogging can be difficult. Unless you’re just doing it as a hobby or if you’re a marketing professional, it requires an understanding of skills in SEO, writing, and marketing.

Why I consider blogging to be a valuable skill

Blogging is difficult, but if you are patient and put in enough effort, you will achieve success.

I’ll admit that many bloggers would like to make more money online with their blogs, but it’s surprising that few of us have taken the time to see what really works.

For me, if you’re interested in improving your income through your website, you have to take the time to learn what works and what doesn’t.

Success is hard to predict since different people have different strengths and weaknesses.

The task of blog maintenance can be separated into three roles: Some people have strong content skills, while others have the expertise to get traffic from social media sites. If you’re able to utilize both of these skills, then you will have an easier time succeeding as a blogger than someone who can’t afford one or the other.

You will need to figure out how to reach your intended audience so that they see your blog.

Is blogging difficult? Yes It is

Here are some reasons why blogging is difficult :

1) SEO takes time and effort

You can’t just go online, post a few times, and expect to see results.

It takes time and persistence to establish your presence on major search engines.
Building up backlinks and social media followers takes time too.

Becoming an influential voice in your industry takes time and effort, so you shouldn’t expect overnight results.

Of course, some content is more shareable than others, but even then you need to build up a following before it will get you much traction.

2) Not everyone will like your blog

The most common reason people give up on blogging is that they feel like their posts don’t get noticed.

That’s pretty understandable; after all, your account will be competing with millions of other blogs for attention and shares.

Is blogging difficult? I still have a lot of reasons. I consider blogging to be difficult, but attainable with time and experience. Did you know that you cannot write a single post and expect it to go viral – it simply does not work that way .

3) There’s very little control over income

Is blogging hard? Many bloggers fully agree. Before committing to a full-time blogging career, know that there’s very little control over your income.

Even if you achieve impressive monthly page views and social media follower counts, you never know if you’ll see an increase in revenue.

4) You have to find the time to write

One of the biggest obstacles bloggers face is simply finding time to write. Most bloggers I know take on additional responsibilities at work and in their personal lives that make it extremely difficult to find additional blocks of time for writing.

If you’re hoping to launch your own successful, long-term online project, make sure you’re dedicating enough time each week to keep yourself motivated and inspired.

You should be spending several hours every single day working on your project.

5) Most bloggers fail

The simple truth is that most bloggers fail. While there are many reasons for failure, one of them is setting unrealistic expectations.

There are only a handful of super-bloggers and if you want to be successful, don’t expect success overnight.

Be honest with yourself and create realistic goals to ensure your success! If you set goals and work towards them, it can be very rewarding!

6) Writing content isn’t easy

There are times when you can be sitting in front of your computer for hours, wondering if anything good will ever come out of what you’re writing.

Of course, a lot goes into writing an effective piece: there is research to be done, topics to cover, and points to make.

If you want your content to bring value to your target audience, then it’s going to take some time.

7) Money is made in volume (Another reason why blogging is difficult)

The less popular a niche is, in general, the less competition. The more popular a niche is, in general, the more competition.

When you’re new to blogging, it can be hard to get enough traffic to make any money. And even if you do make some money from your site, it may not be enough for you to quit your day job (which means that blogging isn’t easy).

It takes time and effort to build an audience of loyal readers that will support your business through affiliate links and purchases of products or services.

8) Traffic fluctuates

You won’t have much success with your website without traffic, but you can’t ignore trends.

If you’re having a temporary lull in web traffic, don’t panic: you can either wait for it to pass or you can try something new.

The more you spend engaging with your readers on your website and adding value to their lives, the more likely they are to return.


Is blogging difficult? Yes, it is. While blogs might seem easy to get started with, there’s a lot of hard work that goes into blogging.

Be prepared to put in blood, sweat, and tears when you start your new business venture. Use these tips to stay motivated and focused on your goal.