How to move on when you still love someone

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how to move on when you still love someone

Question: How to move on when you still love someone

My name is Mary. I broke up with my boyfriend a year ago but can’t get over him. I still think about him and try to find ways to see him. I also want to call and tell him how I feel, but he’s moved on and doesn’t care about me anymore.

Even though being apart hurts so much, I don’t think about that. The feeling of him is too strong for me. How can I get over this? Please help!

Answer from Love Experts :

How to move on when you still love someone: Dear Mary, Even a year after breaking up, it’s normal to miss your ex. There’s no quick way to forget your ex. However, with time and patience, healing is possible.

 You should think about why you broke up and what the problem was. You should think twice and ask yourself if the problem is manageable to move on. After that deep thought, I’m sure you won’t just think about how great your time together was. You’ll also think about how bad it was. 

Stop talking to him, and don’t hang out with people like him. Keep yourself busy with something you enjoy, focus on your hobbies, meet new people who can also help, and if nothing changes, try dating again and get advice from people you trust. This road is hard, but you can get through it and find growth and new connections with help from yourself and others.