How to Make a Guy Like You: A Step-By-Step Guide(2022)

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How to Make a Guy to Like You

How to make a guy to like you? This is a question that many females have. We’ve all been there before: you like someone, but they’re not returning the favor and you’re not sure what to do about it.


Have you ever asked yourself these questions :

  • How to make a man crave you emotionally ?
  • How to make a guy to like you ? ,

Here are 10 quick tips on how to make a guy to like you and show him how much he means to you. When used together, these tips will drive him wild and make him want to be with you forever!

Here are 18 Tips on How to make a guy to like you

1. Take Care Of Yourself

If you want to have a healthy relationship, you must take care of yourself too. Studies show that men are more interested in dating women who are healthy.

So if you want to attract a guy, work out regularly and eat right. Make sure he sees you working hard to achieve your health goals, and don’t forget to smile. A happy woman attracts a happy man.

2) Look good

Guys prefer women who look after themselves. They want to walk alongside someone they can be proud of. So it’s critical that you keep up with trends and fashions, and that you’re clean. Wear sexy clothes that accentuate your figure.

You are now aware that dressing well can make you ppear more attractive. However, dressing nicely does not imply wearing expensive outfits. Instead, select items that will enhance your figure. If you have an hourglass figure, for example, wear fitted tops and skirts. Choose loose shirts and pants if you have a pear shape.

How to Make a Guy Like You

3) Be fun and outgoing

Men are generally turned off by women who play hard-to-get. If you’re having trouble getting attention from men, then stop being so withdrawn and start joining in on conversations. Show interest in their hobbies and get involved in groups that they’re also involved with.

It doesn’t matter how charming or attractive you may be; if men don’t know you exist, then it can be nearly impossible for them to develop feelings for you. And yes, guys really do want what they can’t have. Don’t come across as too easy to get, but don’t be entirely unapproachable either! A little mystery goes a long way toward capturing your guy’s attention. how to make a guy to like you isn’t difficult right?

4) Spend time with him

how to make a guy to like you: Spend time with him, even if it’s just hanging out doing something simple like going for coffee or catching up over drinks. Spend time together, get to know him, and he will likely feel closer and more attached to you. Part of how we connect is through sharing experiences and having conversations. So make sure the time you spend on crazy is quality. so make certain that you spend quality time on a regular basis.Touch him when you’re together, and remember that body contact is important.

5) Flirt with him but don’t be too forward

Being flirtatious but not overly forward is a great way to make a guy like you. Guys will appreciate your sense of humor and begin to crave more when you don’t appear overly eager. It’s important to know when to stop—don’t send him racy texts or show up at his house unannounced. This can be extremely awkward and turn him off rather than pique his interest. Do it with finesse when it comes to how to make a guy like you.

6)Listen To Him

One of my best friends has always said, “If you want a guy to like you, don’t talk too much.” Let him do most of the talking. While it may seem counterintuitive—like if you’re not saying anything, then you must not be doing anything right—it’s actually great advice. Listening shows your interest in what he’s saying, and that can be flattering.

So ask him questions about himself and nod along with his answers as though they were fascinating (even if they weren’t). Make eye contact with him while he is speaking to make him feel loved and appreciated. The more interested he feels, the more interested he’ll be in getting to know you better! This is a common misunderstanding.

How to make a man crave you emotionally: More Tips

Here are other tips on How to make a man crave you emotionally :

7) Let him know he’s important

Men want and need to feel important. Women do, too, but men are more likely to pursue an attractive woman who treats them well (i.e., she listens and shows interest in what they have to say). If you like a guy but he doesn’t know it, give him your undivided attention by smiling when you see him, laughing at his jokes, and giving him your undivided attention. Guys rarely ask for your phone number outright, so give it to him instead of waiting for him to ask.

Similarly, if he asks if you want his phone number or if you want to go on a date, say yes! Don’t make yourself difficult to get just to make boys chase after you.

You already know how important it is to treat men with respect on a regular basis. Now all you have to do is extend that kindness to special occasions. For example, if you’re going to a party where you intend to meet new people, send him an SMS in advance informing him of the event. This way, he will know what to expect and will not feel excluded.

8)Compliment Him:

How to make a guy like you? You can make him like you. With a compliment, he not only enjoys your attention but also feels wanted by you. As a result, he is more likely to take steps in your direction. Make sure your compliments are specific and sincere because vague compliments will not get you anywhere. (For example, you have beautiful eyes rather than: you look really handsome today.)

It’s also important to compliment his intellect; many men believe they’re not intelligent enough for certain women and appreciate it when you tell them otherwise! This can help him think of you in ways other than physically.

9)Keep Up With His Friends:

how to make a guy to like you ? Try getting close to his friends—then it won’t be so difficult for him to come around. Furthermore, his friends will provide excellent feedback on how he feels about you as well as advice on where they believe things will go. That way, if they start complimenting your relationship or throwing shade (perhaps he has an ex-girlfriend who still likes him? ), you’ll know that what they say has real weight in your romantic future.

Don’t flirt or compliment him directly if you become close to his friends. If you throw yourself at their friends, guys who are already attached will become jealous and nervous. Take care not to come on too strong, especially if he hasn’t mentioned anything serious. He could still be thinking about it! So keep your cool and give him some space while he thinks things through with the help of his friends. That way, when he realizes you’re really into him, he won’t think it was all a joke because your feelings were so obvious.

10) Don’t date others while trying to get his attention

For most men, dating multiple people is an obvious turnoff. If you want him to like you, make yourself your only option—otherwise, he’ll think he doesn’t have a chance. Look for things you have in common. We all want to be loved by people who love us back; it’s just human nature.

Taking an interest in his interests will demonstrate to him that you value who he is and will make him feel special, both of which will go a long way toward winning his heart. Allow him to take control of your date: If your vibe suggests otherwise, allowing him to choose where you eat or go out can send mixed signals.

Be patient and don’t rush into anything: Even if he likes you, it takes time for men to get used to new relationships. This can be a particular problem for men with unhealthy romantic relationships in their past—they may want someone who acts exactly like their ex-partner or may feel especially cautious after being hurt. Be prepared for him not being ready when you are.

When he is ready, let your relationship evolve naturally and avoid trying too hard to make things serious too soon.

Be patient and don’t rush into anything. Instead of thinking about how fast you want your relationship to go, focus on getting him into a place where he wants you in his life even more than he did before.

11)Make Him laugh

how to make a guy to like you? Laughter is contagious. When we laugh, our muscles become relaxed and our breathing becomes slower. This helps us release tension and stress. So if you want to make him laugh, try doing silly things or telling jokes.

Men love funny women. It may sound cliché, but studies have shown that women who can make men laugh are seen as more attractive and intelligent—and are even happier in their relationships. What’s more, shared laughter leads to increased levels of oxytocin (the so-called love hormone), which is linked with positive feelings between couples.

So go ahead: tell jokes, act goofy during TV commercials, or share your pun-filled Internet finds—just don’t take yourself too seriously. There’s nothing sexier than a woman who can crack up her man with a silly joke (even if he doesn’t always get it).

12) Keep Your Cool

A study published in the Journal of Personality found that men prefer women who maintain a calm demeanor over those who tend to lose their temper. And research from the University of Texas shows that men find women who are emotionally stable more desirable than women who appear overly emotional. In other words, men want a woman they can relate to, and they’re less likely to fall for someone who gets upset easily. So try to stay cool under pressure—it’ll show him you’re confident enough to handle any situation.

13)Give Him Some Space

Men need time alone to process what they’ve experienced and figure out whether they want to pursue a relationship with you. They also need time to get comfortable with the idea of sharing their lives with another person.

So give him space. Don’t expect him to come running back at you immediately after meeting you. He needs time to get to know you, and you should do the same. You might say something like, “I’m really excited to meet you! I’d love to hear more about you, but I need some time to get to know each other first. Would you mind giving me a few days? “

He really needs a real connection to have feelings for you. From time to time, he will develop some feelings for you.

14)Show off your body

It’s true women who wear revealing clothing are often perceived as more attractive than women who cover-up.

But there’s a flip side to this rule: Men find women who dress provocatively more appealing than women who keep themselves covered up. Why? because they think these women are more amenable to having sex. If you want to attract a man, then flaunt your body. Wear tight clothes, high heels, and skimpy lingerie. The key here is to look sexy without looking slutty.

make him love you

15) Have Sex With Him

Many women will disagree with me, but the trick is to sleep with him once and make it a memorable experience for him. Be inventive and amusing.

Make sure you listen to music that makes you feel good when you’re getting ready to sleep with a man. Listening to peaceful music while getting ready for bed has been demonstrated to help people relax before falling asleep. It also enhances mood and creativity by increasing blood flow to the brain, so use it to its fullest potential.

16) Be Yourself

Don’t act like someone else. According to a new study published in the journal Psychological Science, men are more attracted to women who act naturally rather than those who try to fit into a certain mold. So just be yourself.

Don’t be concerned with being perfect; instead, concentrate on making him feel special and loved.The same goes for your social media accounts. Posting pictures of yourself looking beautiful, wearing expensive clothes, and posing seductively will only turn him off. Instead, post pictures of yourself doing things you actually do: going to work, playing sports, cooking dinner, or hanging out with friends.

Display Your Emotions When Necessary. Men respond better to women who openly express their emotions. According to research, men are drawn to women who express anger, happiness, fear, sadness, and surprise. So let your hair down and be yourself. Giving up control allows you to enjoy life, which is exactly how men want to see you.

17) Let Him Know What You Want

Women tend to underestimate the power of letting a man know what they want. In fact, studies show that men are most likely to pursue women who initiate physical contact. So if you want a man to notice you, let him know what you desire, whether it’s an intimate kiss or a night together, and don’t hesitate to ask for what you want. If you wish to be in a romantic relationship with him, try to perform some romantic act together but don’t take it seriously.

18)Be Confident

Being confident in yourself and your emotions is incredibly attractive. Being shy or nervous will not make him fall in love with you right away—in fact, it may have the opposite effect. If you’re nervous, tell yourself that you’ll enjoy talking with him and approach him with a smile on your face. Even if he doesn’t like you right away, your confidence will make an impression. Are you feeling shy? Practice conversation starters until they feel more natural, so they don’t come off as awkward in person.

Walk like a confident woman. Men like confident women and the way you walk can attract him.

When you speak, keep your eyes on him. Looking down or away conveys the impression that you are uninterested in what he has to say and may lead him to believe that you lack confidence. Of course, that’s not what we want.) He’ll be more likely to talk to you if he notices that you’re paying attention to him and what he has to say.

But don’t come across as arrogant or rude—no one likes people like that! If you disagree with something he says, express your feelings politely. For example, if he offers his opinion about something really important but seems wrong about it, suggest that you teach him more about your topic of choice later on so he can l

Men are drawn to women who exude confidence, as you now know. So go ahead and be self-assured. Stand tall, walk with purpose, and speak with assurance. This will give you an air of authority and self-assurance. You will undoubtedly stand out from the crowd.