How to make a guy chase you using male psychology

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In this article(” How to make a guy chase you using male psychology”), I’m going to give you the tools that you need to make any guy want to chase you.

You may feel like you don’t know what to do, but I promise that with these secrets, you can get any guy that you want without having to beg or force him into your life.

You will be the woman that men want in their lives and are willing to do whatever it takes to have you in their lives forever!

20 Male Psychology Tricks To Get A Guy To Chase You

1.Men are attracted to confidence

One thing that men love about women is their confidence. 

if you’re confident in who you are, why not show it off? The moment he starts seeing you as someone who knows what she wants out of life and how to get it, he’ll be fascinated.

Throw in and I don’t need your validation attitude and he’ll be putting on his running shoes just trying to catch up with your train.

Part of being confident also means knowing your worth as a woman; know that you deserve someone amazing for all of your amazing qualities, but don’t accept less than awesome from any man because life is too short for anything less than spectacular.

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2. Men like women who know what they want

As mentioned before, men like women who know what they want and go after it. Men are hunters; they will hunt whatever they are attracted to. So go after what you want if you want him to chase you!

If there’s something that turns your man on, get it. The key here is confidence: if you act like something is out of your league, then men will think it is out of their league and won’t bother chasing you!

3. Be direct but subtle

There’s a fine line between chasing and not chasing. If he doesn’t feel like you want him, then he has no reason to pursue you. Be direct and upfront about your feelings, but don’t be pushy or desperate.

Subtlety is your friend here; if he senses that what you really want is for him to take charge, there will be little incentive for him to do so.

Lead by example and entice him by being confident and having fun. Even if he does approach, it’s best not to come on too strong – back off just before things get uncomfortable for both of you.

4. Show that your body language matches your words

How to make him chase you is really about his body language matching yours. When he walks into a room, he looks for signs that women are interested in him.

So your body language tells him whether he’s got a chance with you. As soon as it starts sending out confusing signals, he might look elsewhere, thinking maybe there’s another woman who’s sending clearer signals his way.

The more obvious it is that you like him and want him around, and as soon as he feels that from your body language-from kissing to sex-then he’ll start chasing after every other one of your moves.

5. Tease him a little, but in a good way

We all know how bad it is when we don’t feel appreciated. For some women, appreciation can be one of their biggest needs in a relationship.

On top of that, guys have been socialized from birth to provide for and protect their female partners, so part of them feels like they failed if they aren’t adored by women.

The important thing to remember here is that are constantly seeking validation from women; rather, they are seeking love and acceptance.

When teasing your man or making him chase you, focus on drawing out his innate desire for protection.

Your playful attitude will show him that he has already provided for you just by being with him, which will help feed his need for reciprocation.

6. Have fun, but don’t put all your cards on the table

When it comes to romance, we tend to make things more complicated than they need to be. The advice that women play hard to get when dealing with men isn’t totally misguided—after all, it’s impossible for a man to fall in love with someone who isn’t interested in him.

But being unattainable isn’t quite as easy as it seems—especially if you want your pursuit tactics tested by your potential partner!

To make a guy want you, tease him with sex appeal and try something new occasionally. This will ensure he continues chasing after you until he finally gets what he wants.

7. Don’t play games: If he’s not interested, move on

When it comes to playing games, most men have just as little tolerance for them as women do.

If a man is interested in pursuing you, he’ll pursue you. If he’s not, move on. There’s no sense in wasting your time on someone who isn’t interested.

It will only make both of you miserable and make it harder for any future relationship that might come from the initial meeting (should one occur).

Don’t play games – if he’s not interested, he’s not interested. Move on and meet another person who might be!

8. Look and smell good


If you’re going on a date with him, he’ll probably notice how you look and smell before anything else. Wearing a pleasant-smelling cologne or perfume will make him think of you favorably for several weeks.

And, no matter what time of day or night it is, looking well-dressed will help you stay focused and make your interactions more enjoyable.

People can tell when others are rushing around trying to get ready, so taking care of yourself will automatically increase his respect for you.

Even if he isn’t particularly fashion-conscious, taking pride in your appearance is always worthwhile because it makes those first impressions last longer!

9. Be mysterious

Men are simple creatures and it’s easy to manipulate them by giving them what they want. Men want women who challenge them, inspire them, confuse them, frustrate and make them crazy.

If a man is always sure of where he stands with you and what your next move will be, he’ll get bored—that’s why many relationships start out fiery but then fizzle out into boredom once both partners have settled in their roles.

If you really want him chasing after you in an irresistible way, don’t let him know what his role is.

How to make a guy chase you using male psychology (More Tips)

11. Pay attention to him

The best way to make him chase you is by paying attention. Take interest in his stories, don’t be distracted when he asks for your number, and pay attention when he talks about things that are important to him.

Basically, if he was proud of something, try asking questions about it! Men love being able to show off even small accomplishments and feel like they can impress women with their brains or personalities. Instead of faking interest, so he’ll think you’re cool, focus on what actually interests him – it can be very flattering!

12. Use common sense with social media

Social media can be an excellent tool for flirting. Use it to your advantage! If you’re trying to figure out whether someone likes you, send him a quick message on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. You could also post something with #twoo hashtag and see if they respond.

This is all about common sense, so don’t do anything that would be considered inappropriate in real life. Remember: people are watching you online! Don’t do anything that would embarrass yourself or your family.

Your goal is to get him interested in talking to you in person: This is why social media works so well—it allows you to communicate with people who are far away from you without having to worry about getting rejected in person.

A lot of people get too nervous when they meet someone new, which causes them to freeze up and forget what they were going to say next. Using social media as a buffer between yourself and potential love interests, it will help take some of that pressure off of meeting new people face-to-face right away.

13. Be happy

When we’re bored, or just not happy in our lives, it’s tempting to play hard-to-get. If it makes things more interesting, why not? But if you want someone to chase after you and fall in love with your personality first, try shifting into a playful mindset.

  • Laugh at yourself (and even tease him) when things don’t go your way.
  • Enjoy life while making sure that good times are shared together.
  • Having fun together and being comfortable with each other means falling in love doesn’t require chasing. Have fun getting there together!

14. Get fit now before he gets close to you

If he’s worth it, he’ll chase you. That’s true for everything in life, but we can’t always count on things falling our way. Getting fit will always benefit your health and happiness, but having a better body won’t do much for your dating life if you don’t put yourself out there first.

Sometimes it’s fun to play hard-to-get; other times, though, doing so just makes us look like jerks who care more about ourselves than we do about others. Now that’s not a very attractive quality in someone we’re trying to win over!

15. Impress him with new things

When it comes to getting someone to chase after you, always be open and ready for new experiences. If that means signing up for salsa lessons, go ahead. Or if taking up biking is your thing, sign up for a cycling class.

The more impressed he is with what you can do and enjoy, the easier it will be for him to chase after you—and stick around when he does catch up with you.

It’s always more attractive when someone has interesting things going on in their life, so don’t be afraid of showing off what makes you unique and fascinating! After all, that will help him see why he should chase after you.

And if it doesn’t work out with him? There are plenty of other guys out there who will chase after you for fun .

16. Text him first sometimes

if you want him to see how interested you are in getting his attention, text him sometimes—like after work. Getting him curious about what you’re up to during these off-hours makes it clear that he can never be sure of when and where he’ll hear from you.

If he texts back right away, don’t respond until later. This will let him know that while he may be in contact with you when he chooses (when it’s convenient for him), there are other times when he won’t hear from you at all.

17. Show up at random places unexpectedly

If you want someone to fall in love with you, then it’s essential that they don’t think they’re in control of where things are going. Even if that means showing up at random places unexpectedly, like when he least expects it. If he’s constantly thinking about where and when he’ll see you next, then he’ll know that you have his heart in your hands (and vice versa). It may sound unorthodox, but trust us—it really works!

18. Don’t have sex with him too soon

When it comes to keeping a man hooked, don’t sleep with him too quickly, says Andrea Syrtash, author of Cheat On Your Husband (With Your Husband).

She calls sleeping with him too soon the biggest dating mistake women make. But don’t wait forever, either. If he’s really into you and won’t give up, waiting can send mixed signals. Make your intentions clear, so you don’t run the risk of wasting time on someone who isn’t serious about dating you.

Sex shouldn’t be your way of testing his level of interest; that’s an obvious clue that sex is what YOU want and not what he wants.

19. Dress for your body type and personal style

While it’s easy to be frustrated with your body, it’s important not to let that stop you from taking advantage of your assets and putting yourself out there.

If you feel good about how you look, that confidence will show in everything from how open you are about talking to others and sending flirtatious signals to how well-dressed for success you are at work.

But by dressing for yourself rather than worrying what men think, your style can set off an attraction cascade that gets more guys checking you out. It doesn’t matter if they like what they see; as long as they’re looking, right?

20. Don’t take advantage of him

If he’s always the one to make the first move, it’s only fair that you do the same. Make the first call and set up a date, but don’t be overbearing or needy about it.

If he appears aloof, let him know that you understand if he needs space, but that you’d appreciate it if he reached out. Just don’t ask if there’s a problem. If he does not respond, he will feel as if something is wrong with him (which will happen with even great guys from time to time).

Show him that you’re willing to play a role in ensuring that things work out between you two, rather than putting pressure on him. That way, if things go wrong, at least both of you are protected.


If you want to know How to make a guy chase you using male psychology, remember that men may seem like they are off in their own little world, but trust me, they notice more than we give them credit for.

The next time that your boyfriend or crush is giving you mixed signals, ask yourself if he may be trying to play hard-to-get, and then change things up by changing your attitude and behavior.

Remember also, guys tend to stick with what’s familiar, so by changing things up just enough will encourage him to take action and pursue YOU! If he still doesn’t appear interested or is sticking around at an arm’s length; it may not be him!

When he’s too busy to call or text you, it could very well be because he isn’t feeling any attraction for you. If he can’t make time for calling, texting, and spending quality time with his lady love then something is definitely wrong! Chances are, if your boyfriend or crush isn’t into making an effort in maintaining communication with you and showing up at social events that matter to YOU; then your relationship has probably run its course.

When push comes to shove, actions speak louder than words, so if there’s no effort being made in maintaining conversation or time together; it may be time to move on.

Frequently asked questions

How do you get a guy to like you psychology?

The real question isn’t how can I get him to chase me, but how can I show him that he likes me already? Because if he already likes me, he won’t need convincing.

There are two main ways you could try and get him to feel like he wants more.

One is by acting in ways that prove you aren’t desperate for his attention—in other words, don’t do anything overt (call him frequently, dress sexy for no reason, or text about all your hopes and dreams).

Instead do things that prove that 1) you have self-confidence and 2) there are other guys out there who find you attractive.

How do you turn a guy on psychologically?

Most guys need an emotional trigger. You have to make them feel like they’re going to lose something or that they don’t have you yet. So, if he’s just seeing you as a friend right now, and he doesn’t know how he feels about it, what will really turn him on is making him fight for it.

If we’re talking about how do I get my ex back, I’m going to say not contact your ex. Don’t chase after your ex by calling them or contacting them because that makes us want more people than we can actually handle.

How do you get a man to chase you easily?

The best way to make a man chase you: You need to know how men think so that you can use their own psychology against them. They will never admit it, but men like women who challenge them in some way.

So when trying to attract men, give off an air of confidence while still showing vulnerability.

Showing vulnerability shows that you aren’t afraid to show your true self, even though there may be some flaws within yourself.

This is attractive because most people only show others their good side while hiding their bad side from everyone else.

Do men like the chase

Guys like being chased, and they hate being ignored. When a man gives you his number and asks for yours, it is usually implied that he wants your number so that he can call or text you.

There are times when it is obvious if a man likes or does not, but sometimes it can be ambiguous.

If a man calls or texts, then he likes you (unless there are issues going on in his life that take precedence over dating).

But how do you make sure of what kind of interest level he has for you? This is where the chase comes into play!

Read the tips below to find out how to encourage him and make him pursue YOU!

How to make a guy chase you using male psychology

If you want to know How to make a guy chase you using male psychology, there are certain male psychology principles that will make it much easier.

In general, guys tend not to talk about their feelings, and that means that many women have trouble knowing what men are thinking.

As long as he’s not already involved with someone else or isn’t married, here are some ways in which it is possible for you to bring out his more romantic side:

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How to get an emotionally unavailable man to chase you

If your man is emotionally unavailable, meaning he’s keeping his distance in order to protect himself from future hurt, that may mean putting in more effort than a normal relationship.

If he falls into one of these categories, know that it’s absolutely possible for him to fall in love with you and open up emotionally. You just have to be patient and give him time.

Don’t play games. He might not realize it, but if you play games by being distant or flirty with other men when he’s around, he will feel threatened and get even further away from you.

Be yourself so that he doesn’t feel like there’s any competition for your attention! Flirt with him, compliment him, and be available for him.

Be patient. If he’s been through something traumatic or has had bad relationships in the past, don’t expect him to immediately start telling you all about his feelings or wanting to spend every waking moment together.

Don’t push too hard and Give him space and let him come to terms with how much better things are now before expecting too much out of him right away!

Signs he wants you to chase him

If you’re having trouble deciphering whether your crush wants you to step up your flirt game, it can help to look at his body language.

A study from Case Western Reserve University found that subtle cues like leaning in and mirroring another person’s movements were strong indicators of romantic interest.

So if he leans in toward your side of the table when you talk, or even better: mirrors your body language, it could be time for you to start making him work for it!

How to get the man

In relationships, women often get the short end of the stick when it comes to making their partners feel safe and loved. Women have often been told that success in relationships depends on how well they can play.

  • But don’t be fooled by the stories and clichés of the old woman.
  • Don’t play hard to be you
  • Don’t change for him, take steps to let him know how you feel about him

How to get a guy to like you

If he doesn’t tell you that he likes you, or if he’s getting friend-zoned, then clearly it’s time for some flirting.

Flirting isn’t just about figuring out how to get a guy to like you—it also helps when things are going well, and can even be a part of creating intimacy with someone who does like you.

Of course, there are those who argue that flirting is bad advice for getting a guy interested in dating and wooing him.

Those people suggest being aloof at first, letting him come after your attention because only then will he know that he has won something special.

How do you make him chase you and commit

If a guy isn’t chasing after you, or rather, he’s not taking any steps forward in your relationship, there are some ways that can drive him crazy and make him want you even more.

And if things aren’t going well with your man right now, check out these 7 signs he isn’t into you.

Men have egos, and they’re very sensitive when it comes to their hearts, mind, and eyes. In other words: they can be seduced by just about anything!

This is why it’s so easy for women to tell guys what they want them to hear: we give them compliments!

Compliments work like magic on both sexes because no one wants anyone else’s approval more than their own. So how do we show our love?

How long will a guy chase you?

There is no set time for a guy to pursue you; you never know how long his emotions will be invested in you.

However, if he’s been chasing you for more than three months and still hasn’t gotten what he wants from you, it’s safe to say that it’s over.

Men want women who are easy and quick – something they can get within a few weeks of pursuing them.

If you play hard-to-get and drag out your dating game with him, chances are that he won’t stick around because there are plenty of other girls who would love to give him what he wants right away.

When it comes down to it, men want sex – plain and simple – so don’t make him wait too long before giving in!

What Men want in a Woman

Men want a woman who’s engaging and makes them laugh, who has skin that smells great, lips that taste good, and thoughts that interest them.

They want a woman with a brain, body, and beauty—and they want her to have feelings for them, too.

The truth is, men don’t really like games; they just don’t know how to respond when women play by different rules than they do.

All men desire women to put in some effort as well., without engaging in mind games, and they want you to reach out to them occasionally by texting or calling with your phone call.

They want you to appear well-dressed (nice hair, a bit of makeup, smell good)

If you really want him to chase after you, be sure he knows what he wants in a relationship: He wants sex (obviously), but he also wants love and commitment. And if he can’t tell whether he’s getting it from you? Well, then…he’ll just go find someone else who will give it to him.