How to Make a Capricorn Man Obsessed With You

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How to Make a Capricorn Man Obsessed With You

How to make a Capricorn man obsessed with you

In this article, we will tell you exactly how to make a Capricorn man obsessed with you so that you’ll become the center of his world and he’ll never want to leave your side again!

  • How to make a Capricorn man want you?
  • How to make a Capricorn man happy?
  • How to make a Capricorn man obsessed with you?
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A Capricorn Man in Love

How to make a Capricorn man obsessed with you? Falling in love with a Capricorn must be a great deal. But how will you make sure they like you back? To capture their attention and affection, you need to understand their traits. Some basic traits found in Capricorns are that they are hard workers and full of ambition.

It proves that they will make a good partner. One thing is ideal that to get noticed by a Capricorn man, you will need to be a goal-oriented person. Develop a practical mindset and prioritize your needs and goals.

Capricorn men are mostly found to be down-to-earth and playful

Perhaps, how can you avoid falling for them? It is one thing to befriend a Capricorn, but having them head over heels for you is a whole different thing. He may give the vibes of a playful and easy-to-talk kind of person. But in reality, it is a big deal to get into their hearts and get them talking for real.

Before you consider your future with a Capricorn boy, you need to find out how to get into his heart, as he isn’t the sort to fall in love right away. He appears to be a quiet man, but when it comes to his work, he is extremely faithful and committed.

He is a passionate and devoted companion in love; therefore, your relationship with him will never be boring.

Understanding his characteristics is the most effective technique to help you form a deep bond with him and make him fall over heels in love with you.

22 ways to make a Capricorn man become obsessed with you

A capricorn man

How to make a Capricorn man obsessed with you : Do This

1. Show Capricorn that You’re Hardworking

By appealing to his work ethic impulses, you may discover how to make a Capricorn guy enamored with you. The Capricorn guy has a strong work ethic and a sense of obligation to his coworkers.

He is ambitious and knows where he wants to go since he has planned out his career since he graduated from college.

Allow him to realize that you have a true work ethic and commitment to your profession. His impression of you will swiftly go from admiration to adoration.

2. Be strong

A Capricorn man is drawn to those who are special in a certain way.

They desire a company that has its own life and goals. A woman who is dedicated to her career and close circle. They value a woman that has a voice of her own and has the power to hold an opinion.

3. Entice Him With Your Independence

Share this with him if you have a complete, steady life and have established rational conclusions based on your experiences. Capricorn is going to be blown away! He’ll like your self-assurance and independence. When you achieve an achievement, tell him about it with zeal. He’ll be the first to congratulate you and urge you to keep going in the direction you’ve chosen.

4. Establish Your Financial Security

Capricorn is a conservative spender. He’s more concerned about amassing a sizable gold nest egg. He has a well-diversified portfolio and adheres to his investing plan in the letter. Discuss your finances with him, including your investments and how you save money.

5. Display a Thrifty Attitude While Saving Money

How to make a Capricorn man obsessed with you? Explain your spending and saving habits if you’re naturally frugal and have a realistic attitude to money.

When he looks at you, he’ll see cash signs! That’s not to say he’s after your cash. It simply implies he understands what it takes to achieve financial security, and nothing makes him happier than the security that comes with earned riches.

6. Be Practical With an Organized Life

A Capricorn man’s realistic attitude to whatever he accomplishes is one of his driving motivations. Everything he does reflects this. His life is well planned, right down to the clothes he wears and when he wears them.

7. Make Your Priorities Mirror His

Tell him that you can’t go for coffee until you’ve accomplished your morning tasks if you have defined routines that you never violate. Tell him about your procedures for determining what remains and what goes if you just spent the day sorting your closet and collecting a bag of items for Goodwill.

He’ll be enamored with your self-control. He’ll tell you how much he admires your commitment to staying on top of things and not letting them get out of hand.

8. He wishes his woman would stay at home with him

Capricorn is a sign that is naturally drawn to domestic life. You won’t find a Capricorn man out late at night partying. He’s never going to let go and go insane! At the very least, not in public. In the quiet of his own house, where he feels safe and secure, he might.

Inform him that while you appreciate social meetings, you do not enjoy parties. Describe how you like to sit at home and watch a movie or read a nice book. He’ll be overjoyed to learn that you and he share this homebody predilection!

9. Don’t Display Affection in Public

Capricorn despises needy people almost as much as he despises anyone who flaunts their emotions in public! Private times and locations should be reserved for demonstrations of affection.

He’ll never show his feelings in front of others. If you’re irritated, calm down and instead of launching into a torrent of admonition, sit down and talk to him about how you’re feeling. He’ll vanish in front of your eyes.

10. Don’t Act Needy

How to Make a Capricorn Man Obsessed With You? Demonstrate to him that you don’t require the approval of others to feel accepted or fulfilled. He wants you to be self-sufficient and not rely on him to operate or survive.

Your behaviors should reveal your independence. If he’s gone on a trip, carry on with your usual routine and let him know you miss him when he calls. Then tell him about all you’ve been up to. He’ll fall madly in love with you!

11. Don’t Wait for Him to Call

How to make a Capricorn man want you? A Capricorn guy wants you to have your own life. As a result, you should never wait for him to call. You should instead go out and live your life as you did before you met him. Being unavailable isn’t a game; it’s a fact of life when you have a busy schedule.

12. Let Him in On Your Plans

Capricorn isn’t a sign that thrives on surprises. Inform him of your plans. Tell him if you’re planning major changes, such as purchasing an apartment or a new automobile.

Let him in on your study and how you concluded that one was the best. He’ll be completely enamored with you. If you can’t do something new without planning it out, tell him about it. Allow him to view your lists if you’re a list maker; he’ll be pleased and may even exhibit a little enthusiasm, however fleeting.

13. Spend Time Getting to Know Him

How to make a Capricorn man happy? A Capricorn guy is wary about entering into new connections. He needs to get to know you and figure out what makes you tick first. You should adopt this mindset and spend time asking him questions that demonstrate your genuine interest in learning more about him.

If you spend the time to be in friendship with him at first, you’ll find that he reciprocates and is excited by the opportunity to learn more about you.

14. Always Dress Your Best and Be Well-Groomed

Being well-groomed is a turn-on for Capricorn, even though it may sound stupid. If you want this man to notice you, you must always present yourself in the best possible light. This shows Capricorn how much you respect yourself, and he will value you in return. He can be certain that, like him, you will constantly strive to put your best foot forward.

How to make a Capricorn man Happy

capricorn zodiac sign

15. Don’t be self-centered

Capricorns tend to be strong-willed and independent. They don’t like being controlled by anyone or anything, including their partners.

This can be problematic when you have an egotistical Zodiac sign like yours. The last thing you want is for your Capricorn man to think that you are trying to control him. Be patient and know that it will take time for him to come around. In the meantime, give his ego room and let him be himself.

16. Bring out his competitive spirit

A Capricorn man is competitive by nature. To get him interested in you, you’ll want to play up that competitive spirit. If there’s something he’s better at than you, figure out how you can do it too—and then beat him at his own game.

This strategy works for both romantic interests and insecurities (Capricorns sometimes feel like they don’t live up to their full potential). If he has an award on his wall or mentions winning some kind of trophy, go ask what it was for. By bringing out his competitive side and then beating him at his own game, you’ll show him that he doesn’t have anything to worry about when it comes to you.

17. Touch him often

There’s something about physical contact that drives him crazy. And you’re going to want him crazy for you. Touch him every chance you get, whether it be on his armor in his hair or even just brushing up against his chest.

When he looks at you and sees how much he turns you on, he won’t be able to get enough of you. Even if your conversations are less than stellar, touching him will keep him coming back for more.

18. Actively listen to him

Some people think that listening means just sitting there quietly and letting him talk. But, really listening is more than that. When you’re in conversation with your Capricorn guy, ask questions about what he’s saying.

How to make a Capricorn man happy? Let him know you’re interested in maintaining eye contact and keep in mind that effective listening means paying attention and being empathetic so even if it looks like you’re not paying attention or don’t have an opinion, don’t give up! Keep listening until he finishes talking.

Afterward, let him know how much of his time you appreciated by giving him encouragement or feedback that lets him know you were listening. In other words, show some appreciation for what he had to say; tell him it was interesting and leave it at that!

19. Show your intelligence and maturity

These men are attracted to intelligent, independent women. Use your intellect to engage in stimulating conversation and display maturity by making rational decisions. By showing these traits, you’ll be admired and not looked down upon.

How to make a Capricorn man obsessed with you? Be good company, a man enjoys being around an interesting woman who makes him feel good about himself. Don’t settle for someone who talks negatively or puts you down. Take an interest in his interests: The minute you show any interest in his passions and hobbies, he’ll give back tenfold by devoting time to yours. Capricorns are loyal partners who will do whatever it takes to please their partners—all you have to do is ask nicely!

20. Express interest in what he does for fun

A Capricorn man needs to know that you have an interest in what he does for fun. A lot of people are intimidated by someone else’s job and don’t ask questions or show interest, but if you really want him to be interested in you, then you should be interested in him.

This doesn’t mean going out and taking up skydiving yourself, but it means asking questions about how he started skydiving, how often he goes, who his favorite instructors are, etc. Ask how far away his favorite dive spots are and when he plans on going again. The more interested you seem in his hobbies, occupations, and interests outside of work, family, and friends, the more intrigued by you, he will become.

21. Let him take charge sometimes

People who are ruled by Capricorn may appear strong and in control, but deep down they may be insecure and sensitive. As his partner, you might want to allow him to take charge of some things without feeling like you’re giving up your power.

Showing him that he doesn’t need to be in control all the time can help your relationship develop and keep it healthy for years to come. Also, it will make him more interested in you.

22. Ask questions about how you can please him more

What’s more important to you: sex or affection? The key to getting and keeping his attention is to strike a balance between passion and cuddling.

If he’s feeling affectionate, then maybe it’ll be easy for him to be passionate later on. But if he’s going through a dry spell in his romantic life, tell him how much you love talking about your future together—it might just give him some inspiration! And if all else fails, resorting back to good old-fashioned communication works every time. Oh, and don’t forget: if you want love, you have to be willing (and able) to go get it!

signs a Capricorn man is obsessed with you

As one of the most mysterious signs in the zodiac, Capricorn men can be hard to understand at times. While they appear tough on the outside, they often have soft spots that are only revealed to those who manage to get close to them.

If you’re wondering if your Capricorn man is obsessed with you, take note of these 10 signs (signs a Capricorn man is obsessed with you) that prove he’s absolutely smitten!

Here are 10 Signs a Capricorn Man is Obsessed With You

1) He talks about the future

2) He puts all your photos on his phone

3) He cares about what people think of you

4) He tries to impress your friends and family

5) He wants to spend more time with you than his friends

6) His feelings are stronger than his logic

7) He thinks about being your lover before anything else

8) He says he can’t stop thinking about you

9) He buys things only because they match your style

10) When he sees other guys checking you out, he gets jealous.

Final Verdict

How to make a Capricorn man obsessed with you? ‘s not a reliable idea to try to make a Capricorn fall in love with you. This guy aspires for something like a long-term commitment throughout his life, not just brief hookups. His life partner must be dependable, family-oriented, and trustworthy.

Because he is prone to jealousy, it is best to express your love and affection to him alone. You’re not supposed to break his confidence, even if unintentionally? When he feels cheated, he has a hard time letting you back in.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to make a Capricorn man think about you

How to make a Capricorn man think about you? If you want to make a Capricorn man think about you, start by being ambitious and driven. Like most Capricorns, he’s attracted to success. So, if you’re working towards something big, he’s likely to take notice.

To really capture his attention, be sure to have a well-thought-out plan – Capricorns are notoriously detail-oriented. They appreciate hard work and dedication, so don’t be afraid to show him your go-getter attitude.

Finally, be patient – a Capricorn man may not move fast, but he does move steady. If you can give him the time and space he needs to pursue you at his own pace, you’re sure to win his heart in the end.

How to beat a Capricorn at their own game

Here are some hints on how to beat a Capricorn at their own game

1. Don’t be afraid to be a little bit aloof.

2. Be independent and self-sufficient.

3. Stay calm and collected, even when they’re being a little bit dramatic.

4. Be patient with them, they take their time making decisions.

5. They like to be in control, so let them think they are.

6. Help them relax and let loose every once in awhile, they need it.

7. At the end of the day, a Capricorn man just wants to be loved and appreciated for who they are.