How to Get a Guy to Chase You: 18 Secrets No One Has Told

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How to Get a Guy to Chase You

How to Get a Guy to Chase You

If you’re tired of waiting around for men to make the first move, here are 10 tips on how to get a guy to chase you and make him fall hard.

By being bold and courageous, you can attract the man of your dreams without being overly forward or aggressive.

These tips on how to get a guy to chase you will help you to become a woman who stands out from the crowd! (Related: Never Chase a Man, Do This Instead)

1) If you want a guy to chase you, focus on yourself

Instead of chasing him, take your time and get to know yourself better. Why not try taking up something new? Learn a language, read more books, and exercise regularly. By doing these things, you’ll grow as an individual.

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A guy will always fall for a girl who knows who she is. Don’t go overboard, though; focus on building yourself rather than trying to impress him all at once with unnecessary changes in your life. Give it some time, but don’t be afraid to let him see how much you have grown over time.

When he sees that he can be part of your journey, he might just find himself falling hard for you too! He may feel threatened by your newfound self-confidence if you both start seeing each other soon after your transformation.

However, if he starts chasing you now when you’re still improving yourself, it will seem like his love for you has driven him to become a better person too! So, keep pushing forward and soon enough, he won’t be able to resist following suit.

A confident woman is sexy because men love powerful women – so remember that! If there’s one thing we’ve learned from observing men chase women (and vice versa), it’s that they are attracted to confidence above everything else.

Be sure to smile often and show genuine interest in others when speaking with them – because people are drawn toward those who genuinely care about them.

Making a guy chase you isn’t difficult, right? First, focus on yourself.

2) Show him he can trust you

Men fear rejection just as much as women do. If you have even a shred of hope that he might like you, his first instinct will be not to hurt your feelings and run away.

Instead, let him know that if he’s interested in you, there won’t be any repercussions if things don’t work out. Reassure him that you are secure in yourself and your choices, so there is no pressure on him whatsoever.

Showing him he can trust you goes a long way toward getting him to chase after you more aggressively.

Men want what they can’t have, but only if they feel it is attainable. It might seem counterintuitive, but it really works! If you want a guy to like you (and show it), just make sure he knows how much fun it would be for both of you if he does go after what he wants.

3) Give him an opportunity

A good way to get a guy interested in you is by giving him an opportunity. For example, invite him out for coffee and maybe even throw in that you’re not going to be able to pay (hint to him on how to treat you).

Guys are more likely to want what they can’t have, so if he thinks there might be something between you two, it may spark his interest and make him chase after you.

If he doesn’t take your offer, don’t hold back your disappointment. Just act casual about it and try again next time.

4) Don’t become his everything right away

This is an extremely important point, so I’ll repeat it. Don’t become his everything right away; make him work for you, but don’t play hard also.

If you show signs of losing interest, and he sees that he no longer needs to put in the effort to catch your attention, he will eventually get bored and frustrated with you. He will eventually leave for someone more stimulating.

So when dating try not to be either too cool or play hard to get but rather keep yourself interested but still maintain your I can walk away at any time mentality as well.

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5) Be an expert at texting

Text him a flirty message that will make him want to be with you. If he texts back, don’t respond right away; wait an hour or two and then text back.

If he wants to see you again, he’ll ask about your plans for later in the week. If not, then at least you know where things stand and can move on without any further wasted time or effort on your part. In other words, texting is all about waiting it out.

6) Bring out his competitive side

A guy who sees you as the prize is more likely to put in the extra effort. That means he’ll drive longer distances, buy tickets to shows he doesn’t want to see, and be creative when it comes time for date night.

For example, if you ask him what his favorite ice cream flavor is (and you know he has one), tell him that yours is vanilla but that there’s another flavor you like better. Now make him guess which one it is! Chances are, he won’t just accept your answer—he wants to win and winning means getting the right answers and spending more time with you.

7) Play hard to get when it comes to sex…don’t put it out too early!

If you’re looking to get your guy to chase after you and put in work, play hard-to-get when it comes to sex.
Don’t be available to have sex with him all the time, but don’t utterly refuse. Just a little, but make it sweet and nice.

It’s tempting to throw yourself at your guy when you’re really into him, but you’ll end up looking desperate if you’re constantly putting out.

Instead of just giving in right away, let things progress naturally and subtly push back on his advances until he decides he needs to work for it.

In fact, I’d recommend never having sex on a first date—it sets expectations too high and may leave your guy feeling like he has to impress you more next time around! That said, there’s nothing wrong with doing so after things have been going well for a while

8) Dress better

Appearances are everything, and it’s time you realized that. Though you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, you have to admit there is merit in looking like an interesting read.

The better you dress, the more likely men will be attracted to you and seek out your company.

It sounds obvious, but sometimes even women have trouble understanding how important fashion is in terms of attractiveness—fashion signals individuality and creativity, which sparks attraction.

Don’t worry if your closet isn’t currently full of stylish clothes; what matters most is making an effort from here on out.

9) Don’t be afraid of making the first move (or move at all!)

Don’t be afraid of making the first move. When you don’t do anything, the odds are very good that he will never make a move, either. Instead of waiting for him to text you, reach out and set up plans.

This can be tricky because it’s easy to come off too strong (or desperate), but practice makes perfect! The more time you spend out in the real world where people are constantly interacting with one another, the more comfortable you’ll become with how flirting works.

Pay attention to how everyone else interacts in public so that when it comes time for your relationship or flirtation with someone new, it feels natural

10) Keep in touch after sex, let him miss you!

Before you can get him chasing, you need to keep his attention. After hooking up, make sure you text back within 24 hours. This is important because it takes his mind off another girl and reels him back in before he’s had time to think about moving on.

Remember that men are simple creatures; if he’s just had sex with you, he will be dying for more! If he tries hooking up with someone else, and it doesn’t work out, chances are she won’t take his calls again.

Guys just want what they can’t have—make him miss you for now so that when you finally come around, he goes crazy over how lucky he is.

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11. Never make him wait

Most men will drop everything and come running when you call. But if he has to wait for you, he might not be so quick to reply.

He wants someone who can make him feel like his world revolves around him. Show him that it does by always being punctual and never keeping him waiting for an extended period of time (unless it’s an emergency).

If you can’t be on time, let him know ahead of time. Or better yet, tell him in advance how long he should expect you to be late.

Being consistent and reliable shows that your relationship is more important than whatever else you have going on in your life at that moment—and makes guys work harder for your attention because they don’t want to lose it.

12. Compliment him in front of others

How to get a guy to chase you? Complimenting him will make him feel appreciated.

Complimenting your crush in front of others is flirty, and there’s no chance he can brush it off as only an innocent remark. Flirting in front of his friends also shows him that you’re not afraid to be yourself and puts him at ease.

To make sure you don’t come across as fawning or cloying, keep your compliments lighthearted and slightly teasing. For example, if he owns a bike, tell him it makes his butt look good (don’t worry; it doesn’t really have to).

As long as you show you’re confident enough to tease him, complimenting your crush will show him that he’s got what it takes to win you over.
If you’re wondering which compliments he’ll appreciate, these ten will brighten his day:

  1. You look really handsome today.
  2. You’re always so crazy with your friends.
  3. I love how sexy you look today
  4. You make me laugh so hard.
  5. You have perfect taste in music
  6. I love how you take care of your car
  7. I love how you can always make me smile
  8. I love your taste in movies
  9. I love how you look in that shirt

13. Flirt with him

To get a guy to chase you, be flirty and fun right off the bat. Throw flirtatious smiles his way and make sure he knows you’re interested in him. It’s hard for guys not to fall for that!

They’re programmed to chase, so all you have to do is give him little hints that show you’re interested.

Flirting also shows men you’re confident in yourself and your own worth. Plus, when a guy knows he has your attention, he’ll want it even more! However, be careful not to overdo it.

A good rule of thumb is flirting every once in a while—not all the time. He should still feel like he needs to earn your attention, or else he won’t try hard enough! But if you like him, flirt just enough so that he sees how much fun you are—and gets curious about what else might be in store for him!

14. Smile at him

Boys are visual creatures. If you’re not giving him any eye contact, then he might assume you don’t want him to approach you.

If he catches your eye from across the room, and you instantly smile at him, that is a clear sign that you’re interested.

It will help melt his heart and make him stop in his tracks, so he can run over and say hello. He’ll feel like you’ve been waiting for him all night.

Most guys are nervous when they approach you. Most of them want what they can’t have, so by smiling at him, you’re letting him know that he’s not just another guy in a sea of faces. He stands out and he’s got your attention. Smiling at him will let him know that he is confident and interesting enough for you to smile at him – even if he doesn’t make it over to talk with you right away!

15. Don’t talk about other guys in front of him

Being with you should be his priority, so don’t give him any reason to question that by talking about your other guy friends or old flames. The only exception? If he brings it up first. Even then, save yourself some hassle and don’t do it again.

When you’re with him, make it clear that you’re there for him and only him. Save conversation about your other guy friends for when he isn’t around. And if he brings up another guy in front of you, don’t respond negatively or give him an attitude. Stay cool, calm, and collected, and let him know that talking about other guys doesn’t interest you.

He’ll appreciate your openness and honesty, even if he doesn’t like what he hears.

16. Maintain his interest in you (How do you keep a guy thinking about you? )

The first thing you have to do is make him miss you. If he doesn’t miss you, then it’s highly unlikely that he will be thinking about you (let alone chasing after you).

One of my favorite ways of making a guy miss me is by being busy doing things I love. By spending time with friends and family, or having a hobby that takes up most of my time, I keep him wondering what I’m doing and whether I need anything from him.

17. Always keep your guy guessing

 Just like any good mystery novel, if your man has all of his questions answered too soon, there won’t be much left for him to discover on his own.

Instead, try to remain as mysterious as possible; when he asks how your day was, tell him you had an awesome day without going into detail. If he tries asking again later in the week and gets more details out of you – even better!

18. How to get a guy to chase you ? Act like his dream girl

The last piece of advice on how to get a guy to chase you is to pretend to be his dreamy girl.

If you’re coming on too strong, he’ll run in fear. The best way to make a guy want you is to act like his dream girl… but not quite!

Show interest in his hobbies and sports teams, but don’t be an expert—he’ll enjoy picking your brain more than letting you control it. In other words, act interested, not fascinated. Guys love being needed by women because it makes them feel capable and successful.

Getting a guy to chase you is easy, right?

Final Thoughts: (How to get a guy to chase you)

It’s not difficult to figure out how to make a guy chase you if you follow the simple advice mentioned above.The advice appears simple, but it will take some effort to entice him and make him love you even more.

Please tell me in the comments which strategies you used to make your man chase you.

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