10 Romantic Hotels with jacuzzi in the room in Paris

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Hotels With Jacuzzi in the Room in Paris

Tired of spending your romantic vacation in hotels that don’t have jacuzzis in their rooms? We’ve found 10 hotels with jacuzzis in the room in Paris to satisfy all your romantic needs, from hotel suites with views of the Eiffel Tower to boutique hotels in the middle of Montmartre.


Hotels with jacuzzi in the room are becoming more and more popular. Travelers are looking for unique experiences when visiting new cities and countries, so these hotels have found success by offering an amenity that few other hotels do.

If you’re planning a trip to Paris, it can be fun to stay at one of these hotels where you can relax in the jacuzzi tub or spa tub in your room after sightseeing all day!

Hotels with jacuzzi in the room


Here are 10 Hotels with jacuzzi in the room :

1) Hotel Intercontinental Le Grand is among the best hotels with jacuzzi in the room

The Hotel Intercontinental Le Grand is located near the Champs-Élysées and Avenue des Champs-Élysées, making it an ideal location for those looking to enjoy some of the sights and sounds of this iconic French city.

The Intercontinental is also home to one of Paris’ largest spas, where guests can enjoy panoramic views while being pampered by one of many professional therapists or beauty experts. The spa offers such unique treatments as Polynesian rituals, Thai massages, and Swedish massages, all sure to relax any guest. For those with more of an adventurous spirit, there are plenty of activities on offer within walking distance.

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2) Ibis Styles Paris Champs-Élysées Avenue Montaigne

Paris Romantic

If you want to spend the weekend in a Hotels with jacuzzi in the room and need one right away, go to Ibis Styles Paris Champs Elysees Avenue Montaigne.. Situated in the heart of it all on Avenue Montaigne, this hotel offers outstanding service with a beautiful jacuzzi located just ten steps from your room.

Although they don’t have an outdoor pool, they do offer an indoor pool and sauna as well as terrace access from every room.
Ibis Styles is at 228 Rue Saint-Honore – 75001 Paris, France.

3) Grand Hotel De La Paix

The Grand Hotel De La Paix is a cosy and elegant 5-star hotel. The main attraction here is their indoor pool with a jacuzzi right next to it, allowing you to swim with their grand view of the city. Plus, they have comfy chairs and other lounge areas surrounding it so you can bask while watching TV or read up on some books on your Kindle.

There’s also an outdoor pool and garden for guests who want to relax there, too. They have modern rooms with plush bedding and luxurious facilities such as bathrobes, toiletries and slippers as well as air conditioning, mini bar, hairdryer etcetera. You also get access to their fitness centre if you want some exercise!

4) Hôtel Duc de Saint Simon

Hôtel Duc de Saint Simon is not your typical hotel. Located near Saint-Germain-des-Prés, it has all of the luxuries of one, with an additional offering: they have jacuzzis and saunas in every room.

Guests can indulge in spa treatments such as reflexology or manicures and pedicures, or if that’s not their thing, guests are allowed to use the communal baths without any additional cost.

6) Hôtel Britannique

Hôtel Britannique, which opened in 1794 and has been owned by members of the same family ever since, is where Oscar Wilde was introduced to his future wife while they were both staying there.

This boutique hotel just around the corner from Notre Dame Basilica is home to 7 out of 10 of France’s iconic hotels with a jacuzzi in the room. It offers its guests an art deco interior mixed with Art Nouveau elements.

Those looking for some historic charm can’t do better than 16th century English ambiance at Hôtel Lancaster. Originally founded as an inn during Queen Anne’s rule over England and Wales, this hotel has had famous guests such as Brigitte Bardot and Winston Churchill stay there.

8) Hôtel Mathurins

The Hôtel Mathurins is a hotel that offers the comforts of a home and the conveniences of a hotel. Located in Place du Chatelet, it’s perfect for those looking to escape from city life and unwind with family or friends.

For those who would like to take it one step further, there is also an indoor pool for guests who need more than just relaxation.

7) Bristol Hotel and Bar Hemingway – Paris

In this post, we explore what some of the best hotels have to offer you if you’re looking for accommodation with a jacuzzi. Bristol Hotel and Bar Hemingway provides accommodation on Rue Du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, near Champs Elysées. The hotel’s decor is influenced by Ernest Hemingway’s work and it has established itself as one of Paris’ most stylish boutique hotels.

9) Hôtel Lutetia Saint Lazare France à Paris

Perched on the boulevard Saint-Germain, Hotel Lutetia is an iconic landmark of Paris. What originally began as an 18th century mansion has now transformed into a luxury hotel filled with art-deco and eclectic touches.

Each of the 51 rooms offers guests views of one of Paris’ most famous landmarks: Notre Dame, Champs Elysées, the Pantheon or Montmartre.

10) CitizenM at Hotel Nox

The amenities are endless with hotels like CitizenM, which offers an array of high-end features, including unlimited wifi and an iPad at every guest’s disposal. All hotel rooms come equipped with a Nespresso machine and Hermès toiletries while the jacuzzi and sauna are located on the balcony overlooking some of the best city views.

Plus, there is also complimentary transportation from both Roissy and Orly airports which will ensure you don’t miss out on all of Paris’ glorious charms.