How to Get Guys Online to Send You Money Way: 10 Easy Tips

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How to get guys online to send you money: If you need extra cash and want guys to send you money online, you’ll need some tips and tricks to make it happen. Some people might think you’re weird if you ask for money online, but it’s OK to ask for help when needed. The best way to get guys to send you money is to connect with them and give them something valuable.

 It would be best to give them something in exchange for their help. You can find some guys to help you if you do it correctly. 

In this article, I’ll also give you five apps that make it easy for guys to send cash online.

Let’s start today to figure out how to get guys online to send you money.

Tips and Tricks to get guys online to send you money

How to get guys online to send you money

1) Be active online (using social media, apps, and websites)

  • Be visible online. You can use social media, apps, websites, …
  • It takes time and effort to get to know someone online, and it’s important to interact with others in a good and respectful way. 
  • You can’t just ask for money from someone you don’t know; you must get to know them and earn their trust first. 
  • Once you’ve made a connection, you can tell the person more about yourself and what you have to give in terms of content or services and ask for money in exchange. 

2) Try to get to know him

  • To get guys to send you money online, you need to connect with them. 
  • Show that you care about their lives, interests, and goals.
  •  Talk to them about things that matter and make them feel important. 
  • Share your stories and experiences to make him feel he knows and can trust you. 
  • Remember to listen carefully and answer with understanding. 
  • Use jokes, compliments, and genuine interest to make the relationship stronger. 

If you get to know him, he will be more likely to help you financially because he will see you as someone he cares about. So, take the time to get to know each other and build a strong foundation for a friendship that helps both of you.

3) Offer Something Valuable

If you want guys online to send you money, you must give them something valuable. 

 By showing what you’re worth and what you can do, you give guys a reason to invest in you. Remember that the more value you provide, the more likely they will give you money. So, figure out what you’re good at and use it to get guys to send you money.

4) Now is the time to ask your guy for the money

Now is the time to ask your guy how much money he can provide. Ask boldly and wait for their response. It’s OK if he doesn’t give you. You can always ask another guy, also. 

You can request the money in exchange for something else, such as spending the entire night talking to him or sending him some great images of yourself. Just make sure your request is direct and reasonable.

BONUS: Top 4 apps where guys send you money

  • Chat Recruit
  • FlirtBucks,
  •  Phrendly, 
  • Lip Service, 
  • TexKings

 With these apps, you can easily connect with guys online and receive the cash you need. 

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