The Most Profitable DIY Business Ideas

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DIY Business Ideas

She makes 30k monthly by selling her handmade products

 Lisa is a full-time mum and a business owner; she started a Handmade Business in 2020. In this post, you will learn about her success story and gain insight into her best DIY business ideas. 

Here’s how she got her small DIY business started :

In 2020, I was a full-time mom of three young twins who were only eight months old. Staying at home bored me, and I began searching for an online job. 

I started by creating handmade jewelry, but it could have gone better. Then I tried making candles, but that didn’t work out either. 

Lastly, I attempted to make handmade bags, which brought in very little profit even though I had started by selling to family and friends. 

Despite this, I persevered, and by the third month of working full-time, I was earning a monthly profit of $100. I was thrilled with the earnings and was determined to keep going. Eventually, I realized it was my own business and didn’t stop. 

The business grew gradually, and I partnered with a well-known brand. Now I make $20000 per month.

After running a successful handmade business for five years, I want to share some of the best homemade business ideas with you. If you want to start a small business, this is for you. 

Top 15 Profitable Handmade Business Ideas to Make Money

Homemade business ideas

1. Handcrafted Jewelry:

Personalized and artistic handcrafted jewelry will always be in demand. Many people in all categories need to have a distinct style. For example, you know how to produce some artistic jewelry. In that case, you may make money by selling it, and your business will expand quickly. Stunning jewelry can be crafted using various materials, including beads, gemstones, and metals.

2. Customized Clothing:

Suppose you have a talent for creating personalized t-shirts or bespoke dresses. You can earn a substantial income from your talent, and those styles will always be in demand.

3. organic skincare products :

Handmade organic skin care products are trendy. People are paying more attention to natural and eco-friendly goods. You can profit by making your line of soaps, lotions, or balms with good ingredients. Imagine, if you know how to make natural hair products for 4C hairstyles; you can make a massive amount of money because of the popularity of this niche.

4. Home Decor:

Everybody wants a beautiful home, and if you can add originality and imagination to people’s interiors, you can make a good living by selling your creations.

5. Candles and Diffusers:

Creating a calming ambiance with handcrafted candles and diffusers can be among the top DIY business ideas. 

6. Handmade Toys:

 Parents always look for unique toys that spark their child’s imagination.

7. Natural Bath Bombs:

Add some fizz and relaxation to bath time with handmade bath bombs. Infuse them with natural scents and ingredients for a luxurious bathing experience.

8. Pet Accessories:

Showing some love to our pets with handmade pet accessories is the best DIY business idea.

9. Handmade Leather Goods:

The timeless appeal of leather always stays in style. Create beautiful and durable leather goods like wallets, bags, and belts.

10. Art Prints:

Showcase your artistic talents by creating handmade art prints. Whether it’s watercolors, illustrations, or digital designs, art prints are a popular choice for home decor.

11. Handmade Stationery

 In this digital age, there is still a demand for beautifully crafted stationery. Create unique notebooks, journals, and greeting cards that will make people fall in love with writing again.

How to Start a Profitable Handmade Business

 Here’s how to start a handmade business that makes money:

1. Figure out what you’re good at and what people need that you can make with your hands.

2. Determine what unique products you can make that interest a specific group.

3. Do your market research: find out what your potential customers want, need, and are willing to pay for handcrafted goods.

4. Write your goals, tactics, and expected profits in a business plan. Plan your pricing plan and figure out how much it will cost to make your product so that you can make a profit.

5. Spend money on good tools and materials to make items stand out.

6. Get your business online and use social media to show off your goods and interact with customers.

7. you could participate in craft fairs or neighborhood markets to get more attention.

8. Connect with suppliers, other artists, and possible clients.

9. Work with businesses similar to yours to get more customers and do cross-promotion.

10. Always work to improve your skills and know what’s new in your field. Ask people for feedback, and if you need to, make changes to meet their needs.


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