10+ Tips on Financial Planning for Married Couples

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Couples must plan their finances together for a secure and prosperous future. While most financial planning advice targets individuals, here are ten valuable tips for financial planning for married couples to maintain financial stability.

financial planning for married couples

Here are 10 Tips on Financial Planning for married couples

1) Talk about your relationship goals

By fostering open communication, couples can work together to create a plan that benefits both parties and resolves any financial disagreements that may arise.

2) Do a financial health checkup together


Talking about money together is a great way to keep your relationship healthy. Try this simple financial health checkup with your partner.

Spend five minutes discussing each of these topics:

  1. How much money do we currently have?
  2. What are our monthly expenses?
  3. Do we have any debt?
  4. Do we have any savings or investments?
  5. What would happen if one of us lost our job right now?

3) Pick a joint budgeting tool you both can agree on

One of the most important decisions you’ll make when you start a family is how you plan to manage your money.

The first step in creating a joint budget is deciding which budgeting tool works best for both parties. Consider using an online service like Mint or one of the many personal finance apps available on smartphones to help track spending habits.

4) Discuss your priorities

marriage and money

When it comes to couples, both parties need to have an understanding of the other’s priorities.

Many things need to be considered when doing a couple of financial planning, from budgeting and saving to investing and retirement.
For example, one partner might want to save more money than the other for a future goal. This can lead to disagreements on how much each person should spend on things like food or clothes.

5) List down all your monthly expenses

It’s a happy day when you tie the knot. Everything is new, and there’s a sense of future excitement. However, as with any change in life, new challenges arise with married couples’ financial planning. Two incomes can make your expenses skyrocket.

6) Get rid of any recurring debt you both have

The first step to any financial planning is getting rid of any recurring debt you both have. It doesn’t matter which one of you owes the other or if your debt is from different types of loans. You both must work on paying off these debts so they don’t become a problem.

7) Create an investment plan together

The best way to approach couple financial planning is to take the time together to understand your individual financial goals and create a plan that will allow you both to achieve those goals.

  • Be honest about your spending habits, how much you make, and how much debt you have.
  • Discuss what your long-term goals are. Do you want a home? Kids? Travel? College funds? A boat?

8) Invest in good life insurance cover

Life insurance is essential to any couple’s financial planning because it will help provide a monthly income for your spouse if the unthinkable happens.

This can help make things easier for them so that they don’t have to worry about money as much at a time when their life will be going through enough changes. So now that you know what’s best, invest in some good life insurance coverage before it becomes too late.

9) Fight fair! (Relationship mustn’t affect financial stability!)

It can be hard when you’re in a relationship with someone who is financially irresponsible, but you have to remember that it is your responsibility as well. It may not seem like it, but everything they do affects your finances.

10) Start by looking at your finances as a team

Open up a joint account separate from any individual accounts you might have. Discuss your finances with each other. If any assets or debts belong solely to one of you, work with them on what you’ll do with those in the event of a divorce. Finally, make sure that someone is taking care of your day-to-day financial tasks so you don’t have to worry about it while trying to maintain a healthy marriage!

Additional Advice for Married Couples on Financial Planning

  • Be proactive about finances! Figure out what is most important to you (i.e., saving for retirement, having enough money in emergency savings).
  • Ask yourself, what if? Questions about potential emergencies that could happen.
  • Determine how much money you need before making other financial decisions, like buying a house or investing your savings. Remember that being proactive will help avoid surprises later on!


For many couples, financial decisions are an area of disagreement. This can be exacerbated by the fact that each spouse may want different things or have different risk tolerance levels.

Regardless of your preferences or needs, you must sit down with your partner to discuss what you want out of life so that your financial needs can be met in a way that works for both spouses.

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